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Blood Brothers Argumentative

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In this essay I am going to write about one of the performers that I thought was particularly successful in making the production successful. Anthony Costa played Mickey in the play and I thought he was an extremely strong actor with some good emotional qualities. This essay will show how Anthony Costa contributed to making the play a great achievement. Anthony Costa played Mickey in the production, a small Liverpudlian boy from a lower class family. The first time we see Mickey is when he is only a seven year old.

Here Anthony Costa began using childish antics such as wiping his nose on his sleeves, being constantly energetic and playing typical games to show the audience he was playing a young boy. He also sat with his legs wide open in the middle of the street to show he had no care of what people think of him. When this was accompanied by the far too big hand me down clothes from his brother, Anthony Costa really looked and acted like a young boy. Throughout the first few scenes of the play he continued to do so by again playing games with his neighbours and friends and being generally cheeky to elders.

The scene I thought all of these qualities were brought out successfully in was when Mickey and Linda had just met Eddie and were out playing with a pellet gun. Anthony Costa had an astonished and amazed expression upon his face when himself and Eddie kept missing the targets yet Linda could shoot the target from between her legs. After Eddie had moved away, Anthony Costa showed the audience he was deeply upset that he had lost his best friend by staying quiet and not wanting to play with his friends.

Anthony Costa kept a slum expression on his face and slurred his words to show that he was miserable without his best friend. This was to great effect and the audience felt sympathetic for the young boy he was playing. The scene that was to great affect here was when Eddie had just said goodbye to Mickey and Anthony Costa walked slowly towards the front of the stage, sat down and pulled his jumped over his knees. He kept a miserable expression upon his face and this was all to great effect. As time moved on so did the way Anthony Costa portrayed Mickey’s attitude.

After being re-sited from the outskirts of the city to the countryside Anthony Costa became older and had grown up considerably. The young, mischievous boy had turned into an older, pubescent teenager. Here Anthony Costa has made Mickey seem a lot older by wearing new stylish clothes as an attempt to impress his dream girl Linda. He kept a serious expression on his face to make it look like he was the ‘real deal’ and made his voice deliberately low again to attempt to impress Linda. A scene where this was particularly successful was when Eddie and Mickey had met again at fourteen and were off to watch and adult movie.

Mickey comes out of his new house wearing a leather jacket and walk slowly to show whose boss. He then makes his voice very low when addressing his mum to make himself sound ‘hard’ and aggressive. By keeping a serious expression upon his face and not looking at his mother when he was being address, it showed the audience that he had grown up since we last saw him. The next few scenes then show the trio, Mickey, Eddie and Linda as they progress through their teenage years from fifteen to eighteen.

Anthony Costa continues to ‘grow up’ by becoming more affectionate towards Linda and by getting in trouble at school. This was successful when Mickey walked Linda home one night. They stopped outside Linda’s front door and Linda was dying to kiss Mickey. Mickey however was very uncertain. Anthony Costa then hunched his shoulders up slightly and looked very nervous to show the audience he wanted to kiss her but he was scared. Eventually they share their first kiss and after Linda has left Anthony Costa jumps to show how Mickey cannot contain his excitement.

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