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Behavioral and Social/Cognitive Approaches to Forming Habits Paper

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There are similarities and differences when analyzing the components of biological and humanistic approaches to personality. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs express important aspects of biological factors that approaches personality. Abraham Maslow hierarchy of needs focused on a theory of human motivation, management training, and personal development. Maslow divided organismic needs into two categories of deficiency needs which are needs for survival. Maslow divided each category in to five levels. The fifth level is physiological needs that focus on the basic biological necessities such as air, food, water, sex, sleep, and shelter. The fourth level is safety needs that focus on protection, security, order, limits, and stability. The third level is belongingness and love needs that focus on family, affection, work group, and relationships with other. The second level is esteem needs focus that on achievement, status, responsibility, and reputation. The first level is self-actualization that focuses on personal growth and fulfillment which is the most important level of them all. Maslow’s view states an individual’s lower needs must be largely satisfied before higher needs can be top and important.

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs discuss the extent to which growth needs influence personality formation. Biological factors that influence the formation of personality are called biological determinism which determines an individual personality by biological factors and genetic factors. Humans and nonhumans species play an important role in biological factors that influence within the broader environment context of life and the organism. Biological factors can be combined with other approaches such as environmental interactions, genes, hormones, chemicals imbalances, and brains. Some people have different aspects on human values and basic needs that are not important as other things in life. So ask yourself do you value wisdom, communion, food, or sex. Depending on what morals and perspective you have set for your life you will find yourself facing a positive or either a negative outcome. One gene will affect a person’s characteristic responses as well.

It plays a major role if a person has been exposed to activity, emotionality, sociability, and impulsivity. Activity means if a child has always been in vigorous motion while other children are more passive. Emotionality means easily aroused to anger or fear or some other kind emotion. Sociability means where some children enjoy other children company. Impulsivity means characterizes some children as aggression and cold rather than conscientious and friendly. Maslow’s theory of personality examine the relationship of biological factors by using assessment techniques, interviews, observations, self-reports, questionnaires, projective tests, and biological study. Personal Orientation inventory is a self-report questionnaire that asks people to classify themselves on a number of dimensions for various characteristics of self-actualization or mental health. Biological factors combine with other aspects of personality in complex ways can produce adult patterns of behavior. Behavior genomics are known for genes affecting behavior. Abraham Maslow believes in the pyramid of the five basic human needs to gather his theory of personality.

Maslow’s believe you must satisfied survival needs first starting from physiological need to motivated and fill our higher level needs. The basic aspects of humanistic theory that are incompatible with biological explanations of personality emphasize the personal worth of the individual and the importance of human values. The humanistic approach to personality emphasize the degree of our behavior is being controlled by unconscious forces or even prior experiences. It matters rather personality approaches ethic or personal worth. Relations with other people also define our humanness. In personality psychology to some positive and spiritual aspects of what it means as an individual which is similar to peak experiences. Maslow’s experiences determine common people that feel completely self-fulfilled and self-actualized tend to grow spiritually and realize his or her potential. The insight these epiphanies provide help to maintain the mature and healthy personality.

Personality psychology is known for the scientific study of the psychological forces that make people uniquely themselves. The human potential movement is also an example of the existential-humanistic approach to personality. Biological explanations of personality influenced hormones and neurotransmitters. Abraham Maslow called humanistic psychology the “third force” (the first two forces being behaviorism and psychoanalysis). Depending on what type of lifestyle you honor up to whether you gay, straight, rude, bipolar, if represent who you are and what type of personality that speaks about you. Sometimes you find human basic conflicts being ignore by approaches to personality when involve meaning, values, and happiness. Erich Fromm’s approach to personality of human beings and the pressures of societal structure by focusing on the belief that people can rise above or transcended these forces and become spontaneous, creative, and loving. A biological explanation of personality also influences reactions of others and the environment a person chose. I look at the situation like this. A thirteen year old teenager is school focused and very active in all sports when one of his old friend guys he meets up with introduces him to selling drugs.

He can either be ignore by approaches that he values and what he believe in are let his friend influence his behavior and later down the road will change his personality. It goes back to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs belongingness and love involves psychologically intimate relations with other people. Depending on what decision the thirteen decides he is now thinking about his relationship with the guys. Self-esteem for respect has impacted the decision he’s face with as well. I agree with Maslow’s theory satisfying the basic needs motives potential to fulfill the higher needs such as highest level of self-actualization that prepares you stability and feel secure to the next level. As we live and continue getter older we will see progress and strive for personal growth at some point.

I believe it is important to determine your family biological factors, and history which help you understand the influence of formation of personality, family genes and behavior. Learning how to cope with different challenges build confident and promotes a healthy personality. Analyzing and reading the biological and humanistic approaches to personality has gave me a different aspect on human values, needs, motives, and how it influence an individual personality. Sometimes we find ourselves in situations that provoke our behavior in an unethical matter and principles we stand for leave at that very moment. People seem to judge you as you behave instead of your true character.


Biological Aspects of Personality Chapter 5
Humanistic, Existential, and Aspects of Personality Chapter 9

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