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Background of the Study and Significance of the Study

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1.1 Background of the Study
Transaction Processing System (TPS) aims to improve transaction processes and automate the handling of data about business activities and transaction. The study is considered as Transaction Processing System (TPS) for it aims to improve the current system being employed by the company and enable handling large amount of data. Transaction Processing System is being introduced to business firms to assists them in improving their daily transaction processes and widens their knowledge in computer systems that will transform their typical business transaction into a more interactive environment.

Vasquez Pharmacy is located at #37 Mabolo Street Pag-asa Village, Barangay Katuparan, Taguig City. It is a product oriented company which offers grocery items and medicines. Vasquez Pharmacy was newly established on April 27, 2012. They have only one(1) Pharmacist, in-charge of handling all the medicines and 2 cashiers in-charge in all the sales transactions. Vasquez Pharmacy is open 16 hours in a day and 7 days in a week.

Customers of Vasquez Pharmacy are usually tricycle drivers and people within its range. The store is near to the terminal of tricycles and also to the marketplace.
The developed system is designed to improve the sales transaction of Vasquez Pharmacy. The developed system is packed with features that will enhance the sales process and improved the tasks done in the company. The developers developed the system to the company to improve their manual procedure on their sales transaction.

1.4 Significance of the Study
The Sales Monitoring System is a computerized system that manages and updates the sales of Vasquez Pharmacy. It will also automate manual computation of revenue and expenses every month. This proposed Sales Monitoring System can benefit the following: * To the Vasquez Pharmacy

The system will provide them enhanced transactions and make their own company more productive and if in case the company expands, they are now familiar with how the system works and they can instruct new employees in using the
system. The system enables management to effectively process orders, manage and analyze sales.

• Purchasing Officer/ Owner – the system will minimize their tasks in all the major transactions of the sales.
• Pharmacist – The system will know if a certain medicine is in the critical level and to prevent the shortage of the medicine supply.
• Cashier/s – the system will automate the current manual transaction of sales in cashiering. * To the Customers
The customers will benefit from the system through the cashier. It will improve Vasquez Pharmacy cashiering transactions and eliminate the delay in paying the items purchased. * To the Developers

The developers of this system enhance their skills in systems development and in communication skills. Through the systems development, the developers will learn how to work in a real-world business environment and improve one’s personality. Another is to develop confidence for career in the future. * To the Future Researchers

This study will help students to improve their skills in developing systems and introduce them to use new technology in developing a system. It will also be their guide in broadening such system. And also this study will serve as a reference for those who want to improve the proposed system and add features to the system.

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