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Attacking & Defending a Castle

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Today has been a very interesting day. My men & I started to besiege the Castle of Hedge Hill that is owned by baron Jean-Pierre from Normandy. His castle was hidden between mountains and cliffs surrounding it. It was the hardest siege for us, as we couldn’t use a lot of heavy weaponry. It had four sets of walls this was hard to attack because we needed to use a lot of ammunition for the mangonel and trebuchet.

The castle is surrounded by a moat from all directions and has a single drawbridge. We couldn’t use a siege tower or battering ram we needed a mangonel because we needed something powerful for close range as the mangonel is good at that, we needed a trebuchet because we needed something for far range to knock down the walls. The men used grappling hooks and ladders to get over the walls when they got over the moat. We had a problem knocking out the castle walls because they were very thick and this was a problem because it took a lot of time knocking them down.

At first we will use a trebuchet to knock down the walls we will use it on top of a hill, it is good because it can hold heavy objects which can knock down the walls easily with us in a safe distance. Next we will use a mangonel to knock some walls down by placing it by the moat, it is useful because the mangonel is very powerful at close range and the moat is only very deep but it isn’t that wide.

The enemy team had used the same weapons as us, they used a lot of trebuchets and a lot of mangonels to counter our attacks but I had a trick up my sleeve and this one was a great one that they were not aware of at all, my team had started a sortie at night, day by day their team grew shorter and shorter but one day the baron Jean-Pierre himself caught my men at it so we all woke up immediately and started to siege. This was the first siege we had in the night and we weren’t used to it at all and it was very tiring. He had killed a lot of my men we were nearly fully wiped out.

Until tomorrow, a few of my top men and I had survived and now I needed to be in the frontline of the siege as I was one of the survivors I took a bow and a few arrows and sword and shield, by this time the castle drawbridge was forced down and a lot of the castle walls were knocked down so my men and I creped in and as soon as we creped in we spotted the baron Jean-Pierre and his few surviving men but he didn’t spot my men and I and I shot an arrow first and it went right in the enemy baron’s back and in a flash my men had already killed all of the few remaining men, we had won the siege. We had killed every enemy, including the baron.

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