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Assess the bio-medical and socio-medical model of care

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Assess the biomedical and socio-medical model of health Initially it is evident that Jason’s condition is rightly so being treated through the bio-medical approach as it focuses on physically healing him which is vital for to enable any future social help at all. As far as the biomedical model of care is related to Jason’s chronological health condition/status sequence It has been effective in treating his physical corporeal injuries as once the surgeries had occurred/taken place it was proven that his broken bones were improving and gradually healing as well as the as the biomedical perspective on ideal and favourable health and fitness as according to class notes “an absence of an illness” which uses scientific measures to focuses on the elimination of the initial, specific and principle negative health occurrence rather than looking at the condition holistically and what impact both the health decline itself and the quality of care could have on an individual’s mental and harmonious state of mind, social welfare and overall well-being.

However by doing this they are effectively treating him as an inanimate object without choice/lack of options provided/available that needs to be fixed and whilst doing this are also neglecting his socio-medical needs/factors as these are equally as important particularly in the future and to help rehabilitate him and reverse his apparent depression/pessimistic outlook which is caused by his lack of access to his family and the situation of the health environment/hospital he is a resident at as it is limiting his socialising particularly with people he is not familiar with for example lack of family/friends/acquaintances.

Another factor that they unnecessarily promoted/encouraged social exclusion/ lack of socio-medical model of care for both Jason and his wife/family however specifically Jason to suffer from social exclusion was by advising Jason’s wife from not directly visiting him and instead to wait and escorted into the visitors room. Jason’s emotional and social well being was not required to be neglected in aid of the biomedical treatment as although the distance aspect when he was moved 30 miles away to another health care constituency was required after the initial vital operations were performed and his health was not in a life threatening condition which was present as made evident by the case study was beginning to positively increase he should have been transferred back 30 miles to the immediate hospital.

He was previously situated in which would allow his family/friends/acquaintances to visit him more frequently and additionally is more likely to know people within his region/local hospital than to communicate with in comparison to a care setting 30 miles away that he is unfamiliar and could feel quite lonely within and therefore encourage social interaction and aid his recovery as he is more likely to regain his appetite and will for life and want to heal as it is often apparent that an optimistic outlook and focus of a more positive future is vital for a successful recovery/overall progression as ‘Awakenings For Women’ states “Remaining stagnant with the same outlook, attitude and way of life is a sure fire way to stay trapped in negative place. Constantly moving forward, on the other hand, offers changes that can amaze you.

Even if a certain day may seem tough or bleak, you can keep a positive attitude by knowing you moving forward into a new life.” In addition in regards to Jason’s wife seeing him when he had a chance it may have been better that she wasn’t advised no to do so, so atleast his wife could comfort Jason for one last time before he was transferred to the hospital that was unattainable for her to reach, however to counteract this I don’t think this is as serious as the moving him 30 miles away from his family because atleast in this option she was only advised as what would be more beneficial for both parties however she still had her own and wasn’t actually restricted/restrained from going to see him whereas in regards to the transferrel to a different hospital the family and Jason were informed that this was going to happen rather than the requirement of consent from either Jason nor his family and didn’t have any options in comparison etc.

(2014) Awakenings For Women.[Online] Available at :www.awakeningsforwomen.com/how-to-keep-a-positive-attitude-in-recovery/ (Accessed: 25 March 2014)

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