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Annoying Habits

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There are many things and bad habits that bother me in this world. But, the one I can’t stand the most is when people chew with their mouths open. Imagine planning a first date with a person you’ve been talking to over face book. That person seems sweet, polite, and well mannered. Then, picture getting to that restaurant and having a great time and then the food arrives. You’re then mortified of going out on another dinner date with that person because the entire time that you two are having dinner, that person is trying to have a conversation with you while chewing with their mouth open and food is flying out and they seem to have not noticed it or are so used to doing it that they assume that everyone’s okay with it.

That doesn’t sound like the ideal first date does it? You will most likely never go out on another date with that person again but if you do decide to give the person another try, most likely it’s going to be a reminiscence of the first date. The first reason why I think we should rid the world of this problem is that it is a very disgusting habit. I am more than sure that no one wants to see someone else’s food being chewed right before their eyes. Many people might find this habit offensive or may see it as a lack of respect. To others, this issue may not sound that serious, but who enjoys seeing food flying out of other people’s mouths? Let’s say you talked to your parents about bringing your boyfriend or girlfriend home for the first time so they would have the chance to get to know them a little better. Your parents get excited and are very anxious to meet him or her so they plan this fancy family steak dinner.

Then your partner gets there and greets your family and so far makes a good impression. After a while, the food is ready and everyone takes their seats at the dinner table and between bites your family is having a conversation and having a good time. Then, you start noticing that he or she is talking with their mouths open. At first, only you notice but after a while, everyone starts noticing. Food is flying out of your partner’s mouth and you start realizing that this may not be the person you want to keep seeing. Who could live with someone that can’t get rid of this annoying habit? The second reason I want to propose is that chewing with your mouth open is that you make other people look bad. For example, you can make your parents look bad because you are showing that you weren’t taught manners.

Chewing with my mouth closed was one of the first few lessons my parents taught me and I’m really thankful that they taught me what they did because if they didn’t, I would be one of these examples that I’m using. Or, let’s say you take a friend out to dinner with some of your potential clients and the entire lunch meeting your friend is talking while he is chewing and you can tell that they aren’t going to be interested in working with you anymore. Not only did he make himself look bad, you looked unprofessional as well because you invited that person. The third reason why I believe chewing with your mouth open is a bad habit is because it just makes you look bad, sloppy, and it could cause you to choke. Some people may disagree that this habit is disgusting but just picture seeing someone you are attracted to chewing with their mouth open and the whole time food is flying out.

You would most likely never take a second look at that person again. It also makes you look bad because it reflects your manners and it makes you look like a sloppy and dirty person. Another reason why you shouldn’t do this is because it’s dangerous. If you’re chewing and talking at the same time, you could choke! In conclusion, chewing with your mouth open is a disgusting habit that we need to rid the world of. It’s not polite to show chewed food in your mouth to the people around you. Plus, chewing with your mouth open increases the likelihood that some food will fall out, especially if you are talking with food in your mouth.

You may not like the rule, but when you start dating you will find a good enough reason to abide by it. We can rid the world of this annoying habit by putting a paper bag over their heads to avoid seeing their food being chewed, avoid food falling out onto your plate, and to avoid embarrassment from that person. We can also rid the world of this problem by having everyone go up to people they know that chew with their mouths open and do it to them. That way, they will be just as disgusted as you are when you see them doing it and then they will stop.

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