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Animal Abuse Persuasive

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Informing Readers and Raising Awareness of Better Alternatives “Humans are the only hunters who kill when not hungry.” This quote by Steven Spielberg directly refers to the cruel acts performed by people against animals such as animal testing. When one enters a personal products aisle and walks down, eyeing different products like hair spray, shampoos, or mascara, the harsh reality of animal testing might not come into thought. Thousands of animals are harmed everyday with chemicals, needles, surgeries, and poked with test tubes. Tests are inflicted upon harmless animals to make sure that no harm could come to humans by using the same product. Though, it has been proven that results can be misleading and entirely inaccurate, why scientists prefer to test on animals is unimaginable. Researchers have been coming together to search for new alternatives to animal testing.

Animal shouldn’t be unknowingly subjected to something so harmful. They are not capable of understanding what the consequences can be, nor do they have ability to yell, “Stop!” when pain bursts throughout their bodies. It is time to better inform and raise awareness in our readers today of the cruelty going on today. “Every year, millions of animals are poisoned, blinded, and killed in crude tests to evaluate the toxicity of consumer products and their ingredients.” (1) In August 2004, the Food and Drug Administration noted that only 8 percent of all drugs that pass animal tests make it to the human market. This means that of all drugs that are found to be safe and effective in animals, 92 percent are found to be either unsafe or ineffective in humans. Research has shown that many times, animal testing has been proven false. When testing some medicines on animals, the animal will show no reaction.

Therefore, medicines are let out into the market to be purchased by human. Many times, it was discovered that the medicines were not safe for humans. Animal testing may have produced some positive results, but for the most part, we have also received fatal feedback. Many people have died or have permanently damaged their health because of animal testing. Vioxx, Phenactin, E-Ferol, Oraflex, Zomax, Suprol, and Selacryn are some of the drugs that had to be pulled from the market in recent years because they killed or seriously harmed thousands of people. Despite animal tests, prescription drugs kill 100,000 people each year, making them our nation’s fourth-biggest killer. “Many of the companies that manufacture cosmetics and household-products have turned their backs on animal testing in favor of the various non-animal test methods available today.” (2) Animals do not share the same DNA we do. So why would it seem sensible to assume we’d receive 100% accurate results? For decades, scientists have found nearly a thousand ways to cure cancer in a mouse.

Though, none of the “cures” ever worked on humans. Epidemiological and clinical studies have determined that most cancers are caused by smoking, eating high-fat foods, foods high in animal protein, and foods containing artificial colors and other harmful additives. Rather than kill millions, perhaps billions, of mice a year, people can begin to stop being selfish, and become more aware of the situation at hand. We can beat cancer by attending to this human-derived, human-relevant data and following methods that encourage healthier lifestyle choices. So what other excuses do scientists have now? Do they not have other options? Animals cannot fend for themselves. They might not have a voice, but they do have feelings and they can definitely feel pain. If someone had to object to the fact that animals do not feel pain, then that person is just ignorant. Studies and documentaries have been made to show the world just how complex and yet simple an animals mind and thoughts can be. Just like the way humans can be.

“Dr. Donald Broom, a professor at Cambridge University, says that when cows figure out a solution to a problem, “The brainwaves showed their excitement; their heartbeat went up and some even jumped into the air. We called it their Eureka moment.” (3) A documentary called “Why Dogs Smile and Chimpanzees Cry” show a variety of species such as elephants, dogs, chimpanzees, meerkats, and even seals and the way they react in situations when a loved one is lost or hurt. In situations where a loved one was in danger of being left behind, a herd of elephants all worked together to save a baby elephant from being left to die in a mud hole. In a predicament, where killer whales invaded the shores where baby pups splashed about and killed babies, there was nothing a mother could do but cry out on the shore. In the same documentary, we are allowed a glimpse into a project in which a chimpanzee is being taught sign language to help erase the gap of communication. In this video, the chimpanzee can express to humans what he would like to eat, and what he is thinking about. He is able to look at magazines, and can even catch him “signing” aloud to himself, an act similar to when people talk aloud to themselves. Animals are very intelligent, and though they may not be as advanced as humans are, that does not give us the right to take away theirs.

It is wrong for humans to assume that we can force experiments on helpless animals. Other actions must be taken such human volunteers. People are able to be informed of the situation, and decide for themselves if they would like to take part. However, there are still other alternatives. Human cultures, Epiderm and EpiSkin, are human skin cells grown in test tubes that are layered to mimic the structure of human skin. Cosmetics and household products can be tested on these rather than the skin of live rabbits. Corrositex is another test-tube option that gives an easy-to-read color change reaction to a hazardous product. And EpiOcular, a mass of skin cells specially grown to form a thin layer like that of the human cornea, has the potential to completely replace the cruel, rabbit eye irritancy test. Animal testing is immoral, and cruel.

With plenty of options available that can avoid the stress and danger humans impose on innocent creatures, why must we continue the sick punishment? With plenty of evidence to prove that we are not even helping our studies to help the human race, we have no choice but to wonder if there is just ill reasoning behind scientists’ minds’. To begin a change in our world, we must work together. To create a better influence, we must pass on to others the information we know, stop buying products we know to be animal tested, research the companies that use animal testing, and boycott them. If we were able to do this all together, we could one day put a stop to it, and end the abuse.

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