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An Identify four different reasons why people communicate

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Ai Identify four different reasons why people communicate.


Aii Explain how effective communication can affect relationships in an adult social care setting between: a)Colleagues and other professionals
To understand the needs of clients using their services. To gain knowledge of a persons situation. To help the person be more comfortable. b)Individuals using the service and their carers

To understand the individuals emotions, while being cared for. Therefore enabling the carer to provide person centred care to the individual. Aiii Identify three ways of finding out the communication and language needs of an individual. For each method, describe how effective it is at establishing the needs of the individual. 1st i would ask the individual themselves, allowing me to establish their usual language and if they are visually or hearing impaired. 2nd i would check their care plan, for the individuals communication needs. 3rd if all else fails, asking the individuals family/friends/doctor or other professional would be an effective way to find out.

Aiv Describe three factors to consider when promoting effective communication. Personal space- it is important to allow the person you are communicating with to feel comfortable in their surroundings. Body language- to be sat talking to someone with your arms folded, may indicate that you are defensive or angry, to have a relaxed posture will indicate that you are comfortable. Tone and pitch of your voice- needs to suit the situation or topic. A loud and direct tone would not suit a situation where an individual had encountered an embarrassing problem, such as wetting themselves. A more quiet and understanding tone would be more appropriate.

Av Describe three verbal and three non-verbal communication methods and styles that a social care worker may use in an adult care setting. Verbal – talking, singing, whisper.
Non-verbal – picture cards, sign language, letter.

Avi Explain why it is important to respond to an individual’s reactions during communication. To acknowledge understanding of what is said. A person may agree verbally with what is said, but their body language my say that they don’t. It is important to make sure that everyone in the conversation understands what is said to save any confusion.

Avii Explain how an individual’s background can influence their communication methods. People from different backgrounds may use communication to express how they feel in different ways, for example, Italians are very verbal when they speak, they also use their hands and gesture to make their point. Other cultures believe eye contact to be very disrespectful.

Aviii Identify three examples of barriers to communication and explain how you could overcome each barrier. Language- language is the most common communication barrier, to overcome this, an interpreter could be used, or a dictionary. Gender- an individual may not feel comfortable communicating verbally with someone of the same or opposite gender. The most effective way to overcome this, would be to have some one available of the preferred gender. Speech impairment- some one who is unable to make themselves verbally understood. The use of sign language or picture cards may be used to communicate.

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