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Alternative Ending to Ethan Frome

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They where going to make passionate love while sleighing downhill. If they succeeded to finish they would leave to go to Florida and start over again. If they didn’t make it, they would crash on the elm tree and their fate would be in God’s hands. They started gaining speed but because Ethan wanted it to last he purposely slowed them down. Mattie was in ecstasy and wasn’t paying attention, since they both felt as if only the two of them existed in the world. Unfortunately, they crashed. They where like two eagles mating, who flew up high in the air, and let themselves fall, leaving their lives to fate alone. Only one thing was different in this occasion. The eagles of Starkfield never died. Mattie had passed out and was lying on the cold snow, but her face and hair were warm and full of life.

For a moment, Ethan panicked, believing his beloved was dead, and he stood over her shouting, ‘Mattie Mattie I love you!’ He was desperately crying while Mattie slowly opened her beautiful eyes and moved her gorgeous eyelashes. Her glimmering eyes looked at Ethan and her luscious lips moved to form the phrase ‘I love you Ethan’. Ethan was relieved, however he knew that in order for them to survive and be happy together, they would first have to pass through Zeena. Ethan looked at Mattie and said: ‘This will end now, we will be together without guilt or anxiety, we will be free’ The cold weather in Starkfield foreshadowed the events that were to follow .

Ethan was reloading the double barrel shotgun in a safe distance from his house, when he heard the noise. Zeena had invited the men of the village to hunt down Ethan because he cheated on her. Ethan was in a dilemma, leave with Mattie and make their future certain or risk his life to take revenge on Zeena? Now Ethan understood that he was the prey in this hunt, he had to reverse things quick. Ethan put dynamite around the house and rode on his horse. He bought 2 miniguns and adjusted them on the saddle. Then, he took 2 double-barreled shotguns holding one in each hand. He gave Mattie a rifle to protect herself in case of danger and began galloping around the house. About fifty armed men came out. Ethan then activated the dynamites he has set and a huge explosion took place.

Bodies flew in the air with an earsplitting noise. After that chaos was dominant. Men where crying in agony, calling for their mothers, calling for help, some where looking for lost parts, feet, hands, but all in vain. Ethan had dealt a deadly blow to those out to hunt him. He showed no mercy and started shooting with the miniguns. Men trying to escape where splattered to peaces. Some even grabbed their friends’ bodies in order to cover themselves. Unfortunately for them the human body can be penetrated and they were eventually brutally murdered. For some reason, Zeena’s room was not destroyed by the dynamite, but it seemed as though it hadn’t even been scratched. Ethan slowly opened the door. There, gazed upon an endless hole, an abyss in which Zeena was living, an endless horror. Ethan then brought forward Dennis Eady who was still alive, carved his belly and used his intestines to climb down into the abyss.

When he reached the bottom he saw a cave, in front of that cave was a door, which seemed like a portal. Ethan then opened the door. Before him stood a black world with dead trees and pale people: zombies. They tried to eat him and dine on his flesh; Ethan then took out the double barrels and started splattering their heads. He was running and shooting until he was out of ammunition. He took out his machete, and swung it on anything that approached him. Decapitated heads and blood were splattered all over the place like a vulgar fountain. Suddenly, the zombies where called off. The scene completely changed to a white room with one chair. In that chair a mysterious ladylike figure was sitting. He approached that figure, it was Zeena, she was unarmed and looked cold, pale, a fitting look for such a world. – ‘I didn’t expect you would make it this far’ Zeena said solemly. – ‘I didn’t think you where capable of creating such a world’. Ethan replied in the same tone. – ‘7 years together and we still are discovering new things about each other’ she said coldly. Ethan didn’t reply.

– ‘Are you here to kill me?’ Zeena asked.
Ethan stood still, immobilized by her psychological games.
– ‘Are you!’ Zeena shouted in a voice Ethan had never experienced before. Zeena then shouted, ‘kill me, Ethan kill me, put a bullet in my head. I want you to feel and taste my blood, but you can’t kill me, can you Ethan? Ethan then lay down his shotguns and said ‘god have mercy on you I dear not put a bullet in your head Zeena. I just can’t.

Zeena then replied in an evil voice ‘well I can’. Suddenly, she transformed into a monster, opening her mouth, revealing rows of sharp deadly teeth, extending them towards Ethan while he wasn’t looking. And just when she was ready to devour Ethan, he takes out his machete and splits her alien mouth in half, then says ‘I never said anything about not being able to chop darling’. Zeena, miraculously was still alive. Ethan cuts her one arm, then he cuts her other one while blood was streaming like a river and finally beheads her with all the human and alien blood splattering around. Finally, Ethan says calmly ‘this marriage is over’. He then walked away and no one ever saw him again…..

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