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Admission Essay to Law School

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            During 1937 repressions in Russia my 38-year-old great-grandfather, Ismail Dzhanaliev, was killed by Bolsheviks for defending the rights of the people. He was a full-time teacher, who worked hard to study law at night.  When he became a lawyer, people always turned to him for pieces of advice and other kinds of help. It was a time when men jailed for joking about Josef Stalin or his regime. It was the darkest days of my country when people were incarcerated for voicing out their own opinions, or for simply being themselves. My grandfather was one of those who tried to speak against Stalin’s regime and all the horrors going on in my country. Back then, human rights were grossly violated. Today, my country has already been freed from the clutches of communism, but human rights violations continue.  As crime rate grows, more and more lawyers are needed to defend the victims. I firmly believe that they speak out against injustice, protect the rights of the people, and speak up for the oppressed.

            Like my great-grandfather, I was born and raised in Russia. I grew up knowing that my grandparents and my parents were respected teachers in small villages.  Their common dream was to impart knowledge and enlightenment to young Russians in order for them to better understand their culture and heritage. From where we resided, there were national minorities who lived below poverty line. It was there where I realized that human rights violations are not only about warrant less arrest or summary execution; it is also about poverty.  I know of young pupils who have to live with no heating in school during winter time; their bathrooms are located outside the school buildings.  These are social injustices that drive me to pursue my dream of becoming a lawyer. I believe that every person born has to have the very basic human right to live decently.  It is every government’s role to ensure that these people are well-taken cared of.

            Unfortunately, I did not enter law school in Russia because my parents discouraged me from doing so.  Instead, I pursued a degree in Psychology from a Russian university. After graduating, I worked for five years, dealing with Russian children saddled with various problems — learning disabilities, divorced parents, and children who were traumatized by the Chechnyan war.  Another social problem I had to deal with was human trafficking. I met children who were taken away from their parents, and were made sexual slaves. Their psychological and physical conditions have already been crushed, and so I felt I wanted to do more to help them.  All these experiences taught me to appreciate what I have in this life. People go through so much, yet the will to move on persist.  I feel that they need somebody to help them fight for their rights.

            Personally, I think I am qualified to go into law school because the social issues I have been exposed to have given me the passion to defend the oppressed. I am young, and I am emotionally and physically ready to undergo various kinds of pressure. I think these ingredients will help me sail through law school.  Moreover, the office where I work as a legal assistant is located on Wall Street, a 20-minute walk to New York Law School where I am planning to apply.

            Ultimately, this dream is a tribute to my great-grandfather who gave up his life for the restoration of justice and human rights. I want to continue that legacy. I am lucky to live in the country that encourages freedom of speech.  In this aspect, I am luckier than he was because I have more chances than he did.  I only hope that one day I will be able to thank my grandfather for the inspiration and the determination he passed on to me.

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