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Acids and Bases Worksheet

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Before You Begin: You may either copy and paste this document into a word processing program of your choice or print this page. Directions: Answer the following questions in complete sentences. 1. Describe four properties of acids that you learned in this lesson. React with bases, react with metals, make things sour, cause stinging in cell membranes.

2. Describe four of the properties of bases that you learned in this lesson. Slippery, bitter, can be irritating to body parts, turn litmus paper green. 3. What are the products produced when an acid and base react together? A salt or water

4. Now it is time to do a scavenger hunt around your house to find more examples of acids and bases. a. Be sure to check in your fridge, medicine cabinet, and in the cleaning supplies. b. Don’t forget to read the labels on products to find the names or formulas of acids and bases they may contain. c. Find at least five acids and five bases for your list, making sure that there are some items on your list that were not mentioned in the lesson. Whenever possible, list the product/item and the formula or name of the acid or base. Acids

Formula/Name of Acid
Characteristics that indicate it is an acid
1. battery
Sulfuric acid
React with metal
2. lemon
Citric acid sour
3 milk
Lactic acid
Produce hydrogen ions when dissolved in water
Acetic acid
Stings when in contact with cell membranes
5. orange
Citric acid


Formula/Name of Base
Characteristics that indicate it is a base
1. soap
Potassium hydroxide slippery
2.detergent potassium hydroxide
3. toothpaste
Potassium hydroxide
4. Baking soda bitter
5. My moms root canal
Calcium hydroxide
Produce hydroxide ions when dissolved in water

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