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A Social Label Such as Goth, Punk and Nerd

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We really hate to be label as Goth, punk and nerd. As time pass we still use these 3 words to label certain people in the population today. To understand the true meaning of these 3 words will help our young generation get pass name calling. Letting young kids know its okay to be who they’re in today’s world. We must accept difference people in the world for who they are, and not what other people think of them. We all are born and raised in different culture, but instant of in forcing the true definition of the 3 words, but there are still certain people that use them as slang word. There are times we make joke, pick on people, but not realizing that they cannot change who they are. Most people smile to hide their feeling when they are label any of these 3 words stated above. Harsh words like these have causes many people in the society to be socially inept. Goth is label as a crude uncouth ill-bred person lacking culture or refinement. Even from the pass further as the 3rd to 5th centuries into now. A person who is hard to get alone with. Who believe in their way of living or culture and not having any respect for other culture. This is known as a rude and barbaric person.

Who listen to heavy music usually characterized by depressing or mournful lyrics? Where black cloth with heavy make-up creating a ghostly appearance is consider to also be a Goth in today society. We all have seen or heard people label certain in dividable (GOTH), especially when they don’t want to help out in a class room project or messes up the project on purpose, or by mistake. Punk is a well know word we all use to call each other when we all are upset. Its have many meaning and one is known as a young person who is aggressive and violent young criminal. We know down south in Georgia that is true statement when people cause a lot of trouble, and as soon as you hit that jail cell. The word punk is what someone is called (Worthless). The word punk is also a known Chinese incense, decayed wood and anything use as tinder. What is surprising is that a punk is rock music also with deliberately offensive lyrics expressing anger and social alienation; in part a reaction against progressive rock. Punk is also a young man who is the sexual partner of an older man. Obsolete homosexual, catamite and prostitute is what most of the world population know the word punk as. In certain culture we are quick to call a person a punk, and it’s like a reflex that we must prove that we are not, and by doing that is with anger.

This definition has cause a lot of violent in certain area with fight and argument for being call a punk. A nerd is a person who is unattractive and awkward or socially embarrassing. The word nerd is known as a person being an expert in a particular technical field profession with the knowledge to perform skillfully. We all have difference level of education and thing we are interesting in. Those who stay focus on certain thing and want to make a career out of it tend to stay to their self is label as being a boring person. Nerd is a person who is scare or shy in the population today. We should think about that meaning a little, because there are times we prefer to stay to our self, and focus on what our hobbit is whether, it school are inventing things.

What do we really think about the word nerd, because the meaning that a person who is unattractive can or cannot be the true definition? Every person of the world has their own opinion on how a person is attractive and unattractive to them. Smart person in certain field is label as nerd science, math, history and major one in society is electronic gadget. We have learned the difference definitions of the following words Goth, Punk and Nerd. But that is one thing all of these word have in common in today’s society. They are considering being a person who is unpopular, socially inept, unattractive, worthless and unwanted person. We as a society have seen and heard people use these words. Without understand the difference definition of the words we are learning about today. For those who understand the meaning of the words has changed their way of thinking and accept people for who they are. Not all bad things come from being Goth, Punk and Nerd. Before we label a person, we must understand.

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