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A comparison between an open-mind and a closed-one

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Sometimes the same thing can appear totally different to two people. This is all based on “perception” or how a person views things. Some people base things only on face value, while others looks past that. Your life is what you make of it, and having the right outlook on things will guarantee an interesting and successful life.

“The mind is a terrible thing to waste.” Everyone knows this famous quotation, but still a countless number of people waste their potential on the path of “closed mindedness.” A “closed minded” person believes everything is either in black or white, with no gray area in between. They do not allow themselves to see the possibilities of alternatives to what they presently hold as facts. To argue with a closed-minded person could be compared to arguing with a brick wall. You’re not going to get very far. Closed-minded people generally do not want their outlooks changed on subjects that they hold as truth. Some examples of closed-minded people are, as follows (not true in all cases): Extremely religious people, old people, high school students, and your parents.

On the other side of the spectrum is the “open minded” person. I feel as though I have an open mind. An open mind lets things in. It’s the only way. The enemy of an open mind is prejudice, and we all do it. We have to. It’s automatic. We all have experiences and as we encounter new ones, our brains bring to mind past experiences and perceptions to help us deal with the situation. The problem comes when we close our minds to new information, when we base our understandings on old information and deny ourselves the opportunity to take in new information and reevaluate our views. Having an open mind is a vital part of critical thinking that allows a person to understand the world more deeply and live a healthier, more rewarding life. Even if you’re determined not to change your mind about any given topic, in most cases you should not feel afraid to think about it. If you do so fairly, thinking can usually help you to strengthen your belief system. Some examples of open-minded people are, as follows (not true in all cases): Agnostics, young people, college students, and artists.

I found myself being close-minded the other night at my friend’s band practice. I had never met the other band members, and was a little hesitant towards meeting them. After meeting the singer, Dave, my initial reaction was that the kid was a tool who stumbled upon the punk scene and decided to try it out for a few weeks. After blowing Dave off, I sat down and waited for the band practice to begin. A few songs into the set I realized that Dave was actually a nice guy. He danced with the kids while singing and made some real funny jokes in between songs. His appearance had completely thrown me off. His short, cropped hair and his “raver” clothes had led me to believe that he was not a person I would get along with. I have found that I judge people too much based on their appearance, a crime I have accused many people of before in the past. That night I was made a victim of my own closed-mindedness and hypocrisy.

With an open-mind, choices will be presented to you that you thought could never be possible. Religion, music, politics, your entire world could change with the help of different views on life itself. None of that would be possible with a closed mind. The closed mind is missing an entire world that it is oblivious to. So the best way to keep an open mind and still be a realist is to judge always, but set nothing in stone.

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