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3D Internet source

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 Disadvantage of 2D Internet
 3D Internet
@ 3D Internet – Why
@ 3D Internet – What
@ 3D Internet – How

‡ The Internet is evolving to become the
‡ The world wide web, from document
repository to fullfledged virtual
‡ Our goals:
@ Analyze [email protected] Discuss a research agenda
@ Raise interest in networking, security, distributed
computing, and machine learning communities

Disadvantage of 2D Internet
Security Problems
Filtration of Information
Inaccuracy of Information
Wastage of times
English Language problem

3D Internet
Trends and Concepts
‡ 3D Internet as an interactive virtual environment for
services, interaction, and communication.
‡ Virtual worlds: Second Life, There, «
‡ MMOGs: Entropia Universe, The Sims Online,Kaneva,«
‡ Social Networks: Facebook, MySpace, Linked-In,…
‡ Web 2.0: Wiki¶s, blogs, communities, «
‡ Web as a distributed computing platform:
Facebook,Ajax-based Web applications, semantic Web,
browser as client, Web OSs, «

3D Internet
Enabling Factors
‡ Availability of cheap hardware: GPUs, graphic cards
‡ Emerging Output devices: Video Eyeware
‡ Emerging 3D Input devices: 3Dconnexion’s

3D Internet ² Why
Gopher, IRC


3D Internet

3D Internet ² Why Evolution

 To 3D places with spatial relationships

3D Internet ² Why
‡ 3D Internet is more suitable than a document repository for providing an interactive virtual environment for services, interaction, and communication.
‡ Web pages Blogs
Facebook pages
(Static Docs Updated Docs Application Platform)
‡ E-mail SMS, IM Twitter, VoIP, Whitelist messaging
‡ WWW Web 2.0 3D Internet
‡ Online
Shopping, entertainment, services, communication, interaction  Advertisement, fashion, e-commerce, virtual meetings, «

3D Internet ² What Architecture

A graphical depiction of the proposed 3D Internet architecture.

3D Internet ² How Research Question
‡ Networking and Distributed Computing
 Data storage (avatars, objects), computing aspects (scripts)  Latency minimization  Security and trust (decentralized identity management)

A P2P communication scheme on a
world in the 3D Internet.

3D Internet ² How
Research Question
Intelligent Environments
The 3D Internet as a virtual ubiquitous computing environment and testbed for novel machine learning algorithms  Intelligent Services: Location-based services,  ersonal (search) assistants, recommender systems
 Intelligent Agents and Rendering: virtual 3D bots for various tasks

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‡ Provided an overview of the concept 3D Internet

‡ Discussed the motivation behind it and specific research directions in the fields of networking, security, distributed computing, and machine learning. ‡ At this point in time we are facing a unique opportunity for the evolution of the Internet towards a much more versatile, interactive, and usable version: the 3D Internet.
‡ There are still many research challenges on the way ‡ We can use the existing hype as a driver of research and
realization of 3D Internet

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