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The alliteration in the catch phrase at the bottom of the advertisement “designed for living. Engineered to last” ensures that it stays in the reader’s mind. Another interesting feature in this advertisement is that it suggests it is endorsed by a charity campaigning to raise awareness about breast cancer. Again, alliteration is used very effectively here: “breakthrough breast cancer” appears on the top left-hand corner of the advertisement. This is a slick clever advertisement. The car itself looks very stylish.

By merely having the breast cancer awareness warning (with logo) and the slogan “control yourself”, the advertisement has allowed the car to take the central stage. Moreover, repletion is used to reinforce the message as the copy continues with “life’s better when you take control. ” All this suggests that the advertisers have given some money to a charity, which women would relate to (whether or not they have actually done this). It also suggests that in order to take control of their lives, young women need this car and by acquiring it, they are buying into a super lifestyle.

While this sounds very contrived, the advertisement looks really good and I think it is very effective. The second advertisement I will be looking at is the Mazda MX5 Nevada, which features in Vogue Magazine. The target market for this magazine is sophisticated people whose lifestyle suggests that they have a large disposable income and spend freely on designer clothes and costume jewellery. It is a full A4 page advertisement. The car featured is a is a silver convertible and is parked outside a high-class restaurant, which is called “Le Close St Pierre”. It is late evening or night as we can see the lights on the restaurant.

We can also see a reflection of the car underneath the original which, when turned around, reveals the same car a blue colour but with its roof up. Across the front of the restaurant is written in white lettering “The Mazda MX-5. Makes you look twice. ” This line is repeated upside down on the ‘second’ car, which is of course a pun on the phrase. The reason the advertisement works so well is its simplicity; it doesn’t throw a hundred different selling points at you at once and expect you to catch them all, but it gives you one, witch by the same logic, is much easier to catch.

Linking to the Mazda MX-5 Nevada, it says, “Make you look twice”. The car is actually shown twice. Moreover, this also shows that the car comes in other colours and its versatility. The name the logo are in the bottom right-hand corner of the page. In the bottom of the page there is some small black hand printing on a white background. This gives the optional extras and the contact details. This part also tells us the price of the car, which is £15,995.

At the bottom of the left-hand side ‘Formula Woman’ appears which suggests that this car offers the same experience as Formula-One, but it is for women. The third advertisement I have chosen is an advert for the new Mitsubishi outlander, this advert featured in the Daily Telegraph. The target audience for this paper is establishment figures, people who are in position of power, who work in business or the city, large farmers, conservative party supporters, believers in respectable values, old-fashioned virtues of hard work and courtesy.

The advertisement is divided into three parts, two small frames on either end of the paper and the car itself in the middle with largest proportion. The first part on the top on which the word “Outlander” is written in white on a light grey background, suggests that the car is suitable for driving in a natural environments, such as deep into the countryside and in the wilderness on country pathways or rough tracks. The car is placed in a natural background with a blue sky that contains patchy widely separated clouds.

This gives a feature of brightness to the car and also reflects sunlight in most of its parts. The ground is totally composed of green Spring grass. It is elevated by about half a meter to act as a small theatre where the car has been placed. The copy in the third part of the advertisement states that “Eight hours sleep a day leaves sixteen for fun. ” This suggests that the car is exiting. This also gives details of price, information about the car and details on the specifications of the car.

On the bottom right-hand corner there is a logo of Mitsubishi Motors in red but this time the word ‘drive alive’ is added to it. I like this advertisement. I think that it works very well; because it is trying to show that it is a ‘fun car’ and this come across very well. The advertisements used different ways of making their product desirable and the associate the product with different qualities. This is mainly because the are aimed at different people, for example the Mitsubishi is for youngish parents who are very safety-conscious and are not particularly worried about how the looks.

The Mazda advert is completely the opposite and is associated with freedom and being ‘cool’ rather than safety because young people are not very safety-conscious. However, the y should be because statistics show that most road deaths occur in this age group. I think Mazda MX-5 has managed to make their advertisements very eye-catching. When the eyes hook onto the image they are stuck there. This is because there is a sense of curiosity in the mind. The most important reason is because they have shown all the information they needed to, on a page.

Moreover, the picture is a still life, which works exceedingly well as the reader is totally focussed on the product. This is very difficult to achieve, but Mazda had conquered it very cleverly. The most effective advertisement is the Mazda MX-5 because it is fun, impressive and perhaps I like it because its target audience is the closest to me. The least effective advertisement is the Ford Focus. I like the car but I don’t like how it is presented because the dark background creates a sombre mood and it is dull.

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