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3 different types of setting which provide care and education

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There are many different types of settings which provide care and education for children and families. The main three settings are the statutory sector, voluntary sector and private sector. Statutory sector

A Statutory sector is a service that by law has to be provided by the government to provide for both children and families. This means that the government has to set up, control and fund the different services, but since the government cannot be everywhere they supervise the services through ‘ a government department’, for example this could be run through the local council. Secretaries of state are responsible for making sure that statuary services are provided. Some examples of a statutory service are places like, the local park or the NHS (National Health Service). The NHS a part of public health care which is important and is used by many people in Britain every day. The NHS is paid for by taxes which have come from public people. Taxes are also used to fund things such as public state schools. Many people depend on these schools so that their children get the good education in which they have the right to.

Voluntary sector
Another type of setting is a voluntary sector. Voluntary sectors are non-profit-making and these services are usually provided by organisations such as charities where some or all of the funding has come from local donations. Examples of a voluntary service are NCPCC or British Heart Foundation (BHF). The Child Care and Education book, by Marian Beaver, states ‘the basic difference between voluntary and statutory organisation, no legislation has to be passed in order for a voluntary organisation to be set up’. (Beaver, 2008, page 3) This means it is a lot easier to set up a voluntary service. Also voluntary organisations hire many unpaid volunteers who provide their time and skills for free, but they might also employ some care workers, managers and administrative staff as paid employees. The key point about voluntary settings is that they are a not-profit making and any sort of income is used to further their activities. Private sector

The last main setting is the private sector. Private settings aim to make a profit and therefor can be seen as a business. Private services charge a fee to make financial profit for the owners and the government doesn’t control what happens. People like nannies or child-minders are usually part of a private sector. The private sector is sometimes seen as a business because their main aim is to make a profit with money and if they were not making enough the school would not be running. In the private sector you normally have full-price services. Full price services are extra services given by the private sector. Dances, music, swimming lessons are examples of full price services. In addition to providing education some private organisations also support social services.

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