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Would you even bother to save our earth planet?

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As may you know we human are making so much carbon footprints which lead to global warming .Would you bother save it or no ? That question was asked by famous writer Michael Pollan’s in his popular essays “Why Bother?”. He urges us to grow a little of our own food in an individual effort to reduce our carbon footprint. He gives few examples about how people start to running everything up since 1970s.In page 315 ,line 9 he said “ 1970 -an era environmental crisis! “It was time when fossil fuel where taking important part of human life. To solve this problem Michal Pollan did research how to save our small planet .He gives us few great examples which are easy to follow .First planting small garden ,second take public transportation , and use less electricity .By planting flower or any vegetables you will get a lot of befits, like organic,fresh,tasty and very nutritious. Even while you working in your little garden you burn a lot of calories which is healthy for our body . Second is take public transportation.

Do you even know how much regular car produce carbon footprint or one gallon of gas ? Each gallon of gas produces about 14 pounds of carbon footprint . Over 12,000 miles the distance an average American will drive in a year, a 25 mpg car will produce 3.4 tons of carbon footprint. Do you still want to drive your car ?Think before you drive and how its harmful to our environment. By taking public transportation you are saving money in your pocket and same time you saving our environment. Third use less electricity .I know people feel lazy taking any power off or turning light off. But did you ever thought its bad. How much its harmful and how much fossil fuel uses .We are human turning our planet to hell. By producing way to much carbon footprint .That main reason why iceberg is melting in Poland .That why our winter is either way to cold or summer is way to hot we are making despair the ozone layer which protects us from sun. I can say that im part of green people who wants to save our planet for next generation.

I own little garden but its only flowers. We live in apartment so its really hard to have small garden, but me and my family are love plants .We made little garden in our fire escape and also we have plants inside our house too. Starting from my dad to me we always taking public transportations or walking to our destinations. My dad always rides his bicycle. My mom walks to her job everyday only on rainy day she takes bus or train. Me I take train or walk it depends where im going .Well I use little bit a lot of energy then my parents .Im trying not to but its comes naturally. My parents teaching me how to use less electricity. I guess my family is one of Michael Pollan’s people .Who wants to save our planet from global warming .Be one join and save our planet with us ! .

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