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Woldcom’s Whitleblower

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Which of Kohlberg’s six stages of moral development would you say that Cynthia cooper had reached? Explain. She has reached the universal ethical orientation in which the meaning of right is explained by the decision of conscience in accord with self-chosen ethical principles appealing the logical comprehensiveness and universality. This stage is also concerned of universal principal of justice, equality of human rights will respect for the dignity of human beings as individuals persons. 2- Do her actions and motives support of undermine carol Gilligan’s views? What would you say is unique about her or what she did? Carol said that there are male and female approaches to the morality. The morality of women is primarily a matter of caring and responsibility, their moral development is progress toward better ways of caring and being responsible.

Women move from a preconventional stage of caring for oneself to another conventional one of caring for others to neglect of oneself, to a postconventional stage achieving a balance of caring of oneself and others also. On June 20, 2002 The Cynthia cooper courageously met with the audit committee of WorldCom’s board of directors and she told them what had been done by the Scott Sullivan, David Myers and Arthur Andersen. The first two who were arrested and second shut down for shredding evidence of other accounting frauds at other firms. What I find very unique about her is her honesty and putting all the pressure on the side, basically putting herself aside just to do what is right for others and report her facts without worrying about what the consequences will be because she knew it was the right thing to do.

3- How does William Damon’s theory of moral identity apply to Cynthia cooper? Cythia has who has reached middle adolescence, her self-interest and morality were beginning to integrate conceptually. At this stage of moral development, she saw that morality as an important part of her life. She acted morally although there were some motivation for her to act immoral. She decided to meet with the community although she was threatened by Scott the CEO that she will be risking her carrier and job. She did it by realizing that if is her responsibility to strive to be honest and integrity person. She did not allow herself to be pressured that’s why she did what she knew it is right even if there is a price to pay

What Quaker values or issues included in Penn’s Advice relate to this study and explain how they are relevant or apply to the study Integrity: it is clearly described on the decision that Cythia made of reporting the incidents to the committee regardless of all the pressure that was put on her. Also, the advice to be true and face the reality with the current facts regardless of how hard the situation is as long as it is the right thing to do.

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