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Why is learning important to our culture and how has a specific learning experience impacted your life?

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An education is extremely beneficial in today’s world. Having an education is beneficial from the time we are in kindergarten until high school, when in the past, many people would have to work to support their families and help pay household expenses. Society today looks to people to have more knowledge than years ago, with all the useful information available with electronic devices. With higher education and learning skills, people have higher paying jobs and are better off. Joining the military one will not only learn leadership skills, which will become extremely useful in life but also an education. First of all, in today’s society while set on laws that require an education to anyone who is ready to start school, whereas in the past, people would leave school early in life to work and help support their family. Today with educational grants, scholarships, student loans for continued education to colleges and universities, opportunities are unlimited.

Education has been a priority for the government for the past Presidents helping people to get a higher education. More so, learning is the cornerstone of our society. From the time we first cry until the time we become seniors. People learn every day from books, teachers, parents, and day to day experiences. Without the skills to learn, there would be no iPod, computers, phones, health technology, doctors, lawyers; the earth would still be flat. Learning is not only beneficial for the future of this country, and society, but also for the future of the world. First of all, the future depends on how much people learn during infancy, or even as an adult. Learning is the process by which individual’s acquire knowledge through observation, education, present or experiences, and individual teaching.

However, education prepares everyone for lucrative jobs, and information opens up opportunities to achieve talents and hobbies. The world needs enhancements all the time, and with a cultured and educated population, those improvements can be made. The government has its reasons to promote education, as well. More education the people of the country achieve, the greater their pay scales. Which will result in more income taxes to be collected by the government. The more people that use and take advantage of the resources that are available the better off the country will be, with fewer people unemployed, and more people working. For example, when people that learn about when storms will hit an area then evacuations can be made in advance and lives can be saved. With this in mind, education is of essential importance to the culture in today’s world. With government subsidies and help, there is almost no reason for people not to have a proper education. While learning an education in the military and how to become a leader with hands-on training, along with traveling and learning life experience is essential not only as an educated experience but for real life experiences.

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