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Why I Chose Accountancy As My Major

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Accounting plays a very significant role in an individual’s life. Massive related issues in everyday life make it overwhelming. When it comes to choosing a major, accounting is my first choice. In fact, this life-altering decision to start a career in accounting is initiated by a few factors, namely life experience, interest and personality. My meeting with accountancy starts at an early age. Since my childhood, accountancy has already accompanied me. My mother works as a professional accountant, who is dedicated to her job and often refers to the related knowledge. As a result, the idea of accounting has rooted in my mind. Until today, my mother requires and inspires me to plan my own finance continuously. I have to record my money spending on a daily basis, which has developed into a habit consequently. I tend to be delighted in getting organized and sorting substances out gradually. My interest also results in this decision. I fancy doing mathematics and am also gifted at it. It is exciting for me to figure out numbers and find solutions. However, some abstract math problems like geometry attract little concentration from me, and they are kind of boring from my perspective. Meanwhile, I pay much attention to the real business world and wish to explore further in this area.

Therefore, I prefer accountancy to mathematics. Furthermore, it is my learning experience during the first year in the university that finally makes me settle down. Compared to other subjects like information system, the accounting lesson is more practical and attractive to me. I appreciate learning the related knowledge and finishing the exercise, which can utilize my logical thinking. During group projects, I take charge of financial analysis. Some people may think it is boring to do paper work, I think otherwise. Once well-organized tables are completed, a feeling of satisfaction come out. Accountancy is a subject that can really bring pleasure to me. My personality also matches accountancy perfectly. Patience is one of my strengths, which differentiates me from others. My fancy for the cross stitch has strengthened my patience. I am used to spending a whole day on this and it takes me almost one month to finish a whole picture. The qualities like diligence and duration are also shown in me.

I can devote myself fully into tasks and bear the tiredness and stress. During my high school, I made my first attempt to act as a director in a school drama. I spent several days in collecting information and considering details. Even at midnight, I was still discerning. Burdened with much pressure, I tried my best in the drama and finally made it a hit. Another quality taking effect during the process is my strong will to resist the temptation. Instead of hanging out during weekend, I chose to make further preparations for the drama. I even ignored my mobile phone, which was normally my favorite subject. Due to my weakness, accounting remains to be worthy of consideration.

Lacking a sense of humor, I seem to be serious for most of time, which also makes me dull in socialization. Telling stories is not my advantage and I like to tell the meaning with statistics, which enhances my confidence and makes me more convincing. To conclude, accountancy presents to be a perfect choice for me regarding my life experience, interest and personality. I grow up with the knowledge related to accounting. Accountancy combines mathematics and business world ideally. My personality can adapt me to the heavy workload of accountancy easily. My strong mind also prevents me from the temptation and illegal behavior in the business world. After deciding to major in accounting, I have to choose which aspect in accounting to specialize in. Whichever specific path I finally step in, I believe that the choice of majoring in accounting will prove its value one day.

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