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Why Excursions Are Important?

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The traditional method of teaching students only in a class room environment has become something of the past. Nowadays children need to explore and experience what they are being thought. The only way to do so is by making them visit places according to their curriculum. This can be done by excursions.

This paper shall take under consideration the value of school excursion, the important areas and how it encourages learning and socialization.


Value and relevancy

Cultural And Vocational Goals

Apart from this excursions can help students understand their culture, like visiting museums and art galleries. This gives students a chance to witness their own culture on their own. They may even get to explore the different facets of their culture, which they thought was something ordinary when they read about it in their course books (Atyeo 1939).

According to James (2009) they even help students to realize which vocational goals they want to follow. Like students may want to become a botany student after visiting a botanical garden. They may even decide to become vets after visiting a zoo. Thus, the relevancy and value of school excursions leys in the fact that it encourages localization, helps students to understand their culture and assist them in selecting a suitable vocational goal.

The importance of providing essential life experiences and seeing something


The fact that students get to experience what they have learned in their classroom, make excursions something of great value. These days children want to explore something new; through excursion this need is fulfilled. According to Falk and Dierking (2000) When students visit places like museums or manufacturing factories they get to experience what they have read in their books in real life.

This experience then becomes an important part of their learning. They tend to remember what they have experienced.

The Social Importance Of Excursions

School excursions have a lot of value and relevancy in the academic lives of students. According to James (2009) it not only fulfils the academic goals but also helps students to socialize with another as with in school hours they only have lunch break to socialize and make new friends. They may even get to know their teachers better.


According to Ward and Herzog (1974) cultural, social, vocational and academic goals have an effect on the number of students o partaking at specific venues. The place of excursion should have suitable and activities in which the students can take part in.


According to Falk and Dierking (2000) Museums are a very important place for an excursion. It helps students to understand their course in a better manner 2000). Apart from this students experience the culture and historical events in real life.

According to Gartenhaus (1997) museum collections help to develop student’s imagination. They may even serve as an important source for different experiences as they tell a lot of tales; they even give a lot of different kind of information which in turn result in form of ideas in the minds of the students.


Zoos are usually a good idea for the primary school excursions. According to Preston and Griffiths (2004) it helps them understand the biology course. Apart from this they get a chance to socialize with their classmates. Zoos also help the students of primary to see and touch a lot of the animals in real. They learn what the animals eat and the noises they make. In simpler words they get to experience what they have learned in the class.


River side excursions are usually meant for socializing only (Preston & Griffiths 2003). The students get a chance to have a good time with their friends. Apart from this they even get a break from their studies. They even get to see and collect the different kinds of stones that are usually found on river sides. Thus it also becomes an educational trip for them.

Manufacturing factories

Manufacturing factories helps student to understand the real meaning of a team work by seeing everyone work on the production line. Children usually enjoy visiting factories which produce eatables. Apart from this they learn how things are manufactured. Even if it is not in their course they learn a lot.


From the above given analysis it may be concluded that school excursions help students to learn lot. It’s very interesting experience for them. As their need to socialize and gain more knowledge, both are satisfied. Apart from this they understand their course in a better manner as they experience what they have learnt in real life.


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