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Why Do You Want to be a Professional Accountant

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Professional accountant is practitioner who help manager, investor and others make the better decision about how to allocate organization’s resource by measuring and disclosing assurance of financial report. From my perspective, professional accountant is not only play an important role in business world but also play an important role in the society. Being as a professional accountant opens the door to a vest range of career opportunities, in every sector of business and finances. It was the first motivation which encouraged me to pursuing an accounting degree. After day to day study in accounting area, I believe competent professional accountant qualification will differentiate myself from just being another accounting graduates because these individuals usually employ inquiring mind to their work founded on the basis knowledge of company’s financial, using their intimate understanding of the company in which it operates, and asking challenge questions.

In the small and medium size enterprises, professional accountants are often the only qualified member to assist with provides advice and helps company to reduce costs, mitigate risks and improve operation. Professional accountant has been considered as language or basic tool of business. It can prepare me to pursue my career in finance institution and corporate management, to become partner in CPA firm, to work for government or even to be an entrepreneur. In the past year, I was working for a small CPA firm which makes onsite visits to study and its accounting procedures from the inside out. I offer an array of services to fully support my clients’ accounting, tax, and business needs and to ensure that my clients’ tax are prepared on time and accurately. To cut tax expenses in a legal way fascinates me. Unfortunately, there are many gray areas in accounting industry.

I understand every profession has written and unwritten policies and rules based on the nature of the industry. Compromise is necessary between what client’s want and what need to be done. I believe that the existence of accountant is to serve the public interest as oppose to be a mere means of livelihood. The public interest that is created by accounting profession exceeds the compensation paid by clients. In my opinion, accountant not only plays an important role on day to day business operation but also help society to maintain health economic environment. Professional accountant is not only important in business but also important in general public. Accountancy profession usually deals with issue that has public interest.


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