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Watch You Say-Stay Away from Hurtfull Words

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Nobody I think that don’t know how much a word can hurt.Sometimes we say some things without thinking about them, because we think that we are always right and we even want to say sorry. This world would be more wonderfull and free if all of us before saying something we will think and skip the words that hurts most then a stupid action. A lot of us say that is better that you siad it and not do it, maybe they don’t understand how deep words can go throu our chest and just pierce heart like a knife. Sometimes we are saying kind of this words just because we are mad or something happen with us to and just don’t realise how hurtfull they are, but even how mad or dissapointed we are I think that is important to keep calm and try to explain in onother way that you don’t want to discuss anything. Just find a more friendly way.The diference between a hurtfull word and a hurtfull action is the fact that if somebody just kick you or punch that’s all can be forgiven and forget, but a word said in a non-time and for no one reason can cost someones integriti and selfconfidence.

Trere is no more hurtfull thing whem somebody lose his confidence just for stupid words that actually are not true. I am always trying to not criticize and make bad conclusions , I don’t want to hurt anyone , everybody have their own life and have the right to do everything . Is like an a qoute LET ME LIVE LIKE I WANT IF I AM WRONG I WILL PAY. That’s the reason we should not intervene in any life if they don’t want , you have your life so just make it the way you like it and be free like a bird. We live only once onother chance it wouldn’t be.

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