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Walt Disney Behavior and Communication Paper

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Originally starting off in 1932 as an animation company, Walt Disney was determined to create a successful business. After two previous business failures, Walt Disney was confidence that this time around he had to stick to his originality and creativity. The creation of Mickey Mouse was an instant success. Walt Disney’s determination did not allow his to stop and even after the company’s growth began to decline during World War II Walt Disney pushed forward. He focused his energy on creating film and would eventually create a theme park, Disneyland. Disneyland turned out to be another huge success for Walt Disney. He ended up developing an organizational culture “to bring happiness to all” through “magic” and Disney’s team of creative and innovative people has continued to make the Walt Disney Company a success. Disney’s organizational culture is built on innovation, creativity, community and optimism. The company is based on the very same culture and values as Walt Disney. That is way it’s no surprise that the Disney employees share the same characteristics as him. The company also seeks employees who are diverse. This diversity allows the company to be unique and connect with all different types of audiences and consumers. However Disney employees still need to “fit in”.

To ensure that new applicants know what they are signup for they are required to watch a video that covers a rules such as you no tattoos, you have to have your own transportation and no excessive jewelry or makeup. The video communicates to applicants by showing what is required in order to be a Disney employee. Many applicants who are not willing to follow these rules will leave. Those who stay and meet the other requirements are hires immediately and sent off to orientation. This formal structure keep employees accountable and focused on the company mission to provide make people happy. Walt Disney also knew that in order for his company to stay successful he would have to create training programs for his employees. This would allow them to receive all the tools and information they needed so that they could provide exceptional service. Having a structured system also insured everyone received the proper training and holds them to be accountable. In 1986, the Disney Institute was developed. The institute provided and still provides classes in quality service, people management, customer loyalty, creative leadership and other business classes.

The company’s goal is to treat every employee in the same manner as their guests. The Walt Disney Company has created an environment for their employees where they feel valued and their efforts are recognized. This positive organizational culture is created by open communication throughout the chain of command, comprehensive training from the Institute and reward programs. This philosophy and basic belief, that you cannot have happy guests if you do not have happy employees, which is an example of organizational culture. Allowing the employees to surround themselves with the dream, mission and service belief of Disney and is how Walt Disney wanted his company to continue to operate even after his death.


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