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Virtual Astronomy Lab Report

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Lab 1 – Measurement and Unit Conversion

1a. Distance in cm from the beginning to ending point:

13.5 cm

1b. Number Right Tries: 5 Number Wrong Tries:

cm x (30 miles/1 cm) x (1 gallon/15 miles) x (2 dollars/1 gallon) = 4 dollars

2a. Length of Cepheid cycle in centimeters from graph:

12.5 cm

3a. Number of years corresponding to 1 cm:

1 cm = 20 years

3b. Number of centimeters between sunspot peaks A and B:

0.7 cm x (20 years/1 cm) = 14 years

4a. Scientific to decimal notation conversion:
3.51E8 = 351000000
3.51E-8 = 0.0000000351
2.3E1 = 2.3
4.4E0 = 1

5a. Table of planetary diameters computed from angular diameters
(Saturn case was given as an example)

planet α (radians) r (106 ) S (106 )
Jupiter 2.429e-4 588.5 0.1429
Saturn 9.740e-5 1195.5 0.1164
Neptune 1.990e-5 2581.9 0.0514
Uranus 1.160e-5 4305.9 0.0689
Pluto 5.000e-7 4284.7 2.142e-3

Lab 2 – Properties of Light and its Interaction with Matter

  1. Planck and Wien Law Exercise:
Case T ( Kelvin ) λmax (Å) EM Region
1 5900 4915 Visible
2 6550 4227 Visible
3 5550 5225 Visible
4 7250 4000 Visible
5 7750 3742 Ultraviolet
  1.  Blackbody peak wavelengths (numbers in parentheses were given to students):
Star T ( Kelvin ) λmax (Å) EM Region
Procyon 6510 4451 Visible
Sun 5780 5015 Visible
Capella 5200 5577 Visible
Aldebaran 3780 7666 Infrared
Formalhaut 8500 3412 Ultraviolet
  1. Atom and ion structure:
Case Number of protons Number of neutrons # of electrons in the 1st shell # of electrons in the 2nd shell # of electrons in the 3rd shell
H 1 0 2 0 0
C 6 6 2 4 0
Mg 12 11 2 8 1
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