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Mars Essays

Life on Mars. Is that true?

Since time immemorial man has been amused by the possibility of there being life beyond earth. This has inspired spirited debates on varied platforms. Scientists have also taken upon themselves to establish various truths regarding the possible existence of extra-terrestrial life. Governments have also weighed on the matter with the …

The Aqueous History of Mars

The aqueous history of Mars has become contradictory subject matter, with geological and climate modelling at odds with each other. Current climate models show that the atmosphere contains only minute amounts of water, liquid water is unstable everywhere, and ice has been detected only at the North Pole (Carr, 1996). …

Emotional Health of the Inhabitants of Mars

Why is this dimension of health and wellness important? Emotional health is important because it means you can identify and manage your emotions in a healthy way. Good emotional health helps you become more resilient, self-aware, and content. Why would this dimension of health and wellness be important on mars? …

From a quiet planet

The idea of the unknown takes one out of reality and into a state of terror! This novel Out of The Silent Planet by C.S Lewis was a novel not just about going to mars and out in space but C.S Lewis brings the readers in by his amazing known …

Development of a New Prototype of a Thermal Screen

Rui Wu, the creator of the prototype, and a few professors from the University of Manchester, published this article in the Acta Astronautica to inform the public about the development of new heat shield prototype for future spaceships. Wu is in Manchester’s School of Mechanical, Aerospace and Civil Engineering. Rui …

Supersonic Retropropulsion for High Mass Entry Systems

Retropropulsion is basically using the thrust provided by the rocket engines against the velocity vector so as to decelerate the object or specifically the space craft. Consequently, supersonic Retropropulsion is deceleration of objects having supersonic speeds using Retropropulsion methods. This is a method lately being considered by many space organisations …

The God of War Ares 

Ares’s Roman name means Mars. He is the God of War and typically found on Mount Olympus. If not he is found in war with others. He has multiple powers that consist of Super Strength, Invulnerability, Combat Skills and he creates conflict wherever he goes. (Greek Mythology.com) FAMILY & RELATIVES …

Study of Mars

1.What is the difference between remote space travel and normal space travel? Facts: when it comes to comparing Remote space travel to traditional ways of space travel Remote space travel is more economical and less complex than traditional space travel. Most astronomers will tell you that virtually anything a human …

Space Travel

This article examines whether there are certain personality characteristics and shared values that are common in those that are operating in different extreme environment settings. This is done to determine the generalizability of these characteristics for future space flight. As we currently understand, space travel includes factors such as isolation, …

Aerospace Industry (Space Vehicle and Missile Manufacturing industry)

The Space Vehicle and Missile Manufacturing Industry is comprised of sophisticated businesses that are involved in creating products integral to the current “space race”. This industry is involved in producing guided missiles and space vehicles, developing prototypes, creating “support equipment for space vehicles” and much more (IBIS World, 2018). The …

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