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The God of War Ares 

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Ares’s Roman name means Mars. He is the God of War and typically found on Mount Olympus. If not he is found in war with others. He has multiple powers that consist of Super Strength, Invulnerability, Combat Skills and he creates conflict wherever he goes. (Greek Mythology.com)


Ares parents are Zeus the God of Sky and Lightning and Hera the Goddess of Marriage and Family. He has many siblings these are just a couple of them Aeacus, Aphrodite, Artemis, Athena and Hephaestus. Although no one ever loved the God of War he did have a pretty well known affair with his brothers wife, Aphrodite. He also has as many as 18 children some of them includes, Eros, Anteros, Phobos, Deimos, Harmonia and Oenomaus (Greek Mythology.com).


Ares is the child of Zeus and hera. As a baby Ares was captured by 2 giants and put in a bronze jar for months until he was rescued by the God Hermes after the giants mom found out. As an adult Ares spends most of his days either on Mount Olympus or in battles.It is told that he usually loses these battles due to his intensity (Ducksters.com).


The God of War has the appearance similar to a Spartan Warrior with a gold helmet that shows only his eyes. Golden armor with a red cape, sword and shield. His sword, helmet, and shield are all symbols that represent him. For animals he is represented by a vulture, dogs, boar or a wolf. For other stuff he is represented by torches or mars (Ducksters.com).


Unlike other Gods who have days of celebration. The way they celebrate Ares is with a sacrifice. Every time before a battle they have a sacrifice to Ares for good luck and to help them win the war. It’s only fitting that since he is dressed like a Spartan Warrior that he is the patron for the town of Sparta, a City in Ancient Greece. Rich with warriors ruled by warriors with work done by the slave class (GreekMythology.com, History.com).


In this myth Ares is accused of murdering Poseidon’s Son, Halirrhothius. This was the first time ares was the defendant pleading justification. He said that he was there to rescue his daughter Alcippe from being violated by Halirrhothius. The only witness was Alcippe and she sided with her father so no one believed them and the court acquitted him. Sadly by the time ares had reached his daughter Halirrhothius had already violated Alcippe. This was the first judgement ever pronounced in a murder trial, and the hill on which this all took place became known as the Areopagus. But Halirrhothius is actually a symbol for Poseidon, and Alcippe is a symbol for the mare-headed goddess,this myth represents Poseidon’s rape of Demeter (Graves 19).


In all together Ares is an unstable, destructive, violent, troublemaker. Ares is Mars and the planets that orbit it are his sons Phobos and Deimos, who usually fought by his side. According to Nasa, ‘The Ares I is a rocket that will carry NASA crew, Orion, beyond Earth’s atmosphere. Ares V is a heavy-lifting rocket that will carry large scientific equipment to the moon and beyond.’ What this means is that Nasa has built a set of two rockets that will carry people and scientific equipment to the moon and beyond, and both are named after the God of war (Per2 Ares Space Program).   

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