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Viral marketing

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1.What is the communication process for viral marketing? Is different from conventional marketing? How so? A)The process of viral marketing includes interactions through blogs, social media focus groups, character interactions, strategic informational drops. It’s basically rapid multiplication, just like it happens in the case of viruses is what is sought in the case of viral marketing.

Thus the message cuts across thousands and perhaps, hundreds of thousands in comparison to conventional marketing where it is the brick by brick approach that is time consuming and not so rewarding. But this is applicable only on the internet using social networking sites where the message is so interesting and convincing that members are forced to spread it out of their own volition. Off the net, viral marketing is referred to as word of mouth or creating a buzz but the name viral marketing has stuck when it comes to internet. There are many factors at work in viral marketing which are as follows

• It gives away freebies
• Allows easy transfer to others
• Snowballs in a very short time period
• Takes advantage of human behavior
• Makes use of existing networks

Yes, its different from conventional marketing Conventional marketing is under your control but viral marketing is uncontrollable. Conventional marketing is targeted and is sure to deliver results. The same cannot be said about viral marketing. In viral marketing, you communicate with only a hundred who will each spread the message to another hundred whereas in conventional marketing you have to reach out to each and every audience

2.What was the initial promotional mix of the TRUE BLOOD campaign, and how might it suggest an observance of IMC?

A)The initial promotional mix of the True Blood campaign included social media, public relations and advertising. The fact that they strategically planned when and what messages would be released, and decided to send out envelopes with clues and even established communication points from characters themselves suggest that they followed the integrated marketing communications strategy which means to carefully coordinate the promotional messages for a product or a service to ensure the consistency of messages at every contact point at which a company meets the consumer.

3.Did Cloverfield use a push or pull promotional strategy? What about the Dark Knight? Explain. Cloverfield used A)Cloverfield used a pull promotional strategy was the push strategy. As they developed a short video and drink to help push the products onto people and spark interest. The Dark knight used the pull method to stimulate consumer demand through websites which played on the roles of the characters in the movie like “who is Harvey dent?”

4.Why did TRUE BLOOD shift its promotional mix as its premier neared? Was this a good or bad strategy? Explain. A)As the premier neared HBO and Campfire wanted to capitalize on the buzz they had created and kind of reward the loyal followers who had been anticipating the shows release with a sneak peak of what was to come the rest of the season with the exclusive rental they provided via blockbuster and the freebie dvd’s they handed out. I personally think they were successful regardless of the change in marketing but I think they would have had even more success had they made their followers all wait to tune it at the same time of the premiere rating.

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