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Varsity and academic performance

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This research is all about the relationship between varsity players and their academic performances in Mathematics, English and in Science. Varsity players play a good role in schools. They represent our school to compete with other schools. They promote friendship to other students and they help promote the school. It also helps build socialization. Getting good grades is important as well. One should not exist without the other because life is not all about sports. It’s about education too. A person cannot go on with their lives with a brain that’s empty so a person must know to balance. Varsity players should be role models to their fellow students too. Having good grades is their way of encouraging students to excel. Other student that looks up to them is the way to go! In this study we can help the students and future students who wish to join a varsity team some day. This can also help the teachers, coach and the faculty to be aware of the result to the students who are joining varsity teams and this can also help us answer our problems concerning their performance academically and through this, you’ll be able to know the importance of both, sports and academics in a varsity’s life.

There have been many studies conducted in Australia and internationally to determine whether there is a link between physical fitness and academic performance. These studies have all concluded that physical activity improves mood, self-concept and tolerance to stress, and also improves academic performance. Participation in sports provides numerous opportunities for healthy, positive development-physically, socially, and morally for all children. Regular sports activities are the preparatory gateways for children in their vital growth years in creating a sense of self that will guide them throughout their lives.

Research indicates that participation in sports can promote healthy development. Participation in sports helps children obtain crucial exercise that their growing bodies need; sports enhance a child’s academic life in school; and most importantly sports assist in improving a child’s self-esteem. Jomills Braddock, a professor of sociology in the College of Arts and Sciences of The University of Miami in Coral Gables Florida, has made a study of the impact of sports beyond the playing field and got a conclusion of “They’re less likely to be involved in delinquency or other school-related behavior problems. They’re less likely to abuse drugs, and they’re more likely to take college prep classes and to apply and get accepted to college.”

In Philippines, many schools have rules when it comes in joining varsities these rules are good for the students for them to learn how to balance but most of the schools here don’t pay much attention on the athlete’s academic standing. They are more concern about winning rather than education. Not all schools are like that though especially the private schools, which is good, because there is more to life than sports.

One of the schools who had some rules when it comes in joining varsities is our school. Our school does not focus on the trophies students got from competing from the other schools but focuses on the academic performance of the students. In able for them to control the academic performance of the students they set a rule that one could not join varsity if one has a failing grade. For the varsity players to remain they should also follow the rule or else they will be suspended from playing and practicing.

We came up with this study because we think that varsity players are good role models of our school. Somehow, through this study the varsity players will realize their importance and how they are being role models to other students, then they will set better examples. Also for them to know that being good in one thing is not enough so we need everything to be balanced just like sports and academic performance. This study can help the students and future students who wish to join a varsity team some day too .This can also help the teachers, coach and the faculty to be aware of the result to the students who are joining varsity teams.

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