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Vark Learning Preference Tool

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The VARK learning preference tool was developed in 1987 by Fleming as an “inventory designed to help students learn more about their individual learning preferences” (psychology. about. com). This questionnaire was designed to help provide an Individual insight on how they give and receive information. The quiz Is 1 6 questions that break down one’s learning style Into four categories. These four categories are visual, aural, written/read and kinesthetic. Individuals that have two r three strong learning preferences are categorized as multimodal learners.

Having completed the VARK learning assessment questionnaire, I was not surprised to see that I represented the multimodal learning style. It has been 8 years since IVe been in school and It is interesting to note that my learning style has changed. My strongest strategy is the aural category, closely followed by Kinesthetic, then read/ written and finally visual. An Individual that has a multiple preference Is considered to be in the majority: “approximately 60% of the population flts the multi modal style of learning”.

Multimodal style learning gives an individual several methods of learning to choose from. This will allow an individual to switch from one style to the next, which can help them adapt to dfferent methods, as the teaching styles can change throughout the different courses. Being categorized in the multimodal category has Its strengths: “It provides strategies that can lead to success in any learning environment. It treats people as different, not dumb and suggests that some strategies may be helpful and some harmful.

The answer is to use the modes you prefer and avoid those that you do not like”. My preferred learning style is aural and kinesthetic. As an aural learner I am considered to be more successful at taking In Information by attending classes, tutorials and group discussions. Individuals that are aural learners find that using a devise such as a tape recorder is more helpful than hand written notes. In fact these individuals often find their note taking skills to be poor. This is because they are busy listening rather than taking notes.

Some tips for those of us that are aural learners is leave spaces In your notes so that when you go back for review you can fill in what ou missed with the lecture on the tape recorder. Also, reading notes out loud or discussing the assigned topic with another aural learner Is another great tactic. Aural learners: “Prefer to have this page explained to you. The written words are not as valuable as those you hear. You will probably go and tell somebody about this” (http://www. vark- learn. com/english/page. asp? p=aural). The other learning style that is part of my multimodal preference Is kinesthetic.

As a kinesthetic learner I use all 5 of my senses during the learning process. Individuals that share this same learning preference will xperience better outcomes when they are hands on, use application and have lectures related to real life events. Tools such as case studies, field trips, and school laboratories have a positive impact in regards to learning for these individuals. Kinesthetic learners often times find it hard to sit still for long periods of time and often times are labeled as hyperactive. Teachers and other adult figures will see these types of learners excel in athletics and performing arts.

Individuals that scored higher in the write and read portion often use lists to remain organized. These students take a lot of notes and often times refer back to he textbooks and classroom handouts when recalling information. Referring to the glossary and dictionary for distinct definitions is when they find themselves getting the optimal answer. Fellow peers are most likely to find these individuals silently studying at the library rewriting test questions and using practice multiple choice questions. Finally, a visual learner uses their sense of sight to obtain information.

The best way for this individual to receive information is from the use of pictures, posters and slides. The visual learner can draw pictures from memory, and often times find it elpful to replace words with symbols or pictures. These individuals need to see the information before they are able to recall it. A student that is a visual learner usually has multiple different colored highlighters because the highlighters help them to remember those particular parts of the textbook or notes. As I continue to obtain my education online I must take in to account my preferred learning categories.

An online course consists of mainly reading and writing, so for someone like me who is stronger in aural and kinesthetic I must try and adapt my learning preferences. According to The Nature of Preference, there are several studies that support the idea that “if a student does not like something (preference) and is not good at it then efforts should be made in other directions” (The Nature of Preference by Dr. Fleming via http://www. vark-learn. com/english/page. asp? p=articles). I will continue to use the skills that I am comfortable with to meet the requirements of each online course.

Doing things such as reading assignments out loud to another aural learner will help me to understand the course objectives. I will start to implement new learning styles nto my courses, and continue to practice so I will fully understand all my course objectives. Conclusion “Learning happens when there is a substantial and lasting change in thinking, often, but not necessarily, linked to behavior change” (The Case Against Learning Styles: “There is no evidence… ” April 2012). The purpose of VARK is to help students understand the different ways that they prefer to take in and receive information.

Although the student lacks the ability to control the different teaching methods, the questionnaire can help direct them on the different study tactics that can aid them in eing successful. Taking into account my results it is stated in the analysis portion of the questionnaire that by: “Asking some people to engage in a role-play will appeal to those who have a kinesthetic preference, while discussion in lectures will be more suited to those who have stronger scores for Aural in their profile” (http://www. vark- learn. com/english/results. asp).

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