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US History: The Missouri Compromise

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Slavery did indeed have a major effect of social reform movements, which had ultimately caused the failure to compromise leading to the civil war. Since America had failed to compromise, it led to an ultimate downfall in US history. The Civil War was the main result which had led to a series of confrontations concerning the institution of slavery. Some of the major events were The Missouri Compromise, The Kansas Nebraska Act, and Dred Scott vs. Sanford.

One of the most controversial and important compromises in US history was the Missouri Compromise that took place in 1820. The Missouri Compromise allowed Maine to be known as a free state and Missouri to be known as a slave state. The United States Congress ended up going along with this plan that had been presented to them on March 3, 1820 passing it onto the president, James Monroe, to be signed three days laters. That decision ultimately had evenly distributed the power in the North and South leaving both sides happy, or so they thought. This bill lasted roughly 30 years before it had been repealed by The Kansas Nebraska Act of 1854 and was later considered to be unconstitutional later on in the Dred Scott vs. Sandford case of 1857 according to (Wikipedia).

The Kansas Nebraska Act had taken place May 30, 1854, it had given people the privilege in Kansas and Nebraska to decide whether or not their territory was going to accept slavery. This act only served one significant purpose which was to repeal and get rid of the Missouri Compromise because it had left so many people unsatisfied. This act did anger and upset many people that were affected by it, such as the Northerners, the Southerners however were rather pleased. According to (The History Place), the Northerners had considered the Missouri Compromise to be a “long-standing binding agreement”. Some of the supported that had carried this election had ended up getting charged with fraud by the opposing side.

Over time had went on people became more and more upset and caused violence in the streets. People had been killed over and over and as the death rate increased, Kansas got it own nickname “ Bleeding Kansas”. After president Franklin Pierce noticed this violence and death occurring he had ordered his troops and soldiers to step in and end this madness. This fight had divided the nation into two very distinct groups, the people who agreed and supported it completely, and the people who were completely against it.

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