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University Sample Scholarship Essay

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“You have a very strong math skill. It will help you as you progress in your academic and career.” This is what my high school teacher told me during the farewell ceremony. I knew the same because every single time I had mentioned by grades, the discipline of math had made a lasting impression on others. However, I never really studied hard for this subject because I believe you can’t mug up the numbers, theorems, and formulas like you do for other subjects.

I just loved crunching numbers, and that’s how I always scored well. But my interest and passion lie somewhere else – Journalism.

I am currently pursuing my Bachelors of Communication from Scripps College of Communication. I am in my last year of graduation and looking forward to making a transfer to your esteemed university to pursue Masters in Communication. From my early academic career, I had a flair to read the newspapers, following their writing style and understanding the research methods that go in the procurement of news. Other than the print media, electronic media has also fascinated me to a great extent. Here at Scripps College, I am an active participant in the mock correspondent interviews and panel discussions.

I have an inclination towards journalism, and it is not about just passing the college with flying colors and graduating from a university afterwards. I have some major goals to achieve which, I assure, are well-planned and realistic. Once I complete my masters, I envision being a part of one of the renowned News channel supporting the operations from the backend. I believe, when it comes to journalism, one needs to build some new skills and hone their existing ones while supporting the team from the back rather than jumping directly into the field. Once I am confident enough, I wish to handle the things from the field applying the learnings from my past experiences.

With the holistic experience of handling things from back and front, I endeavor to lay the cornerstone of my very own local news channel, which is not enough in Ohio. With my venture, I believe I can help all the aspiring journalists by putting their learnings and experience to actual use. I would also like to focus on integrity, which I consider as one of my core values. Articles or news scripts that are well written without any trace of false information, neither favoring any influential person in their wrong nor demeaning anyone without reason, etc. are some of the ethical aspects that will be the pillars of my project.

Journalism epitomizes promptness to deliver the correct and well-researched news. Shouldering the responsibilities of the leadership role, I’d ensure that I have enough manpower to keep the hoi polloi of Ohio abreast with the news minutes after it takes place. Apart from swiftness in operations, I aim at signing up some of the best minds on board who could lend helping hand to the team. These professionals could be anyone from cameraperson, editor, sound mixer, writers, etc.

My goals also go well beyond the local boundaries. After making the brand a prominent one, I hope to reach and contact the eminent names in the USA and schedule an interview with them. From politicians, celebrities, to local personalities, I wish to interact with them and make others aware of their opinions and thoughts on a particular subject.

Adding to everything above, I also aim to utilize my education, experience, and skill set to help the underprivileged and oppressed of the society. There are many challenges that the citizens of Ohio face, for example, clean water crisis, workforce development challenges, Ohio’s wildlife challenges faced by animals, etc. With my platform that enables many to raise their concerns and keep their thoughts in front of others, I endeavor to bring justice to those who can’t tolerate the oppression of the oppressors. I also strive to schedule debates with those who are responsible for many corrupt activities and scams.

Undoubtedly, the education that your esteemed university provides is unmatchable. But there are passionate individuals who wish to achieve their career goals by pursuing journalism. However, they do not know where to begin from and what essential steps they should take to make their dreams come true. For such a cluster of individuals, I aim to offer them professional and systematic counseling. My counseling would include exploring their potential and make sure they select a niche in the journalism that would boost their knowledge and hone their skills.

As I end describing my goals, I would mention that I fathom the hard work that goes in building and sustaining a news channel. It is not merely about capital but a plethora of responsibilities that have to be fulfilled and taken care of with utmost precision.

My plans look challenging, but I assure you that with my strategic planning, I can execute all of them without much of hassles. However, I believe that the scholarship to get into your university could be a stepping stone to achieve what I have dreamt of. I am committed to undertaking dedicated efforts to turn my vision into reality. I ensure that given an opportunity, I’ll leverage it completely and won’t be distracted from my focus and path in any way.

I anticipate a scholarship for my Masters in Communication to turn my passion of becoming a successful journalist into a reality.

Ross Taylor


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