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TV Commercial

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Who has never ever been interrupted from watching your favourite movie by sometimes absolutely ridiculous commercials? Precisely, yes, almost everyone has experienced this at least ONCE in their lifetime.

It all started in the early 1940’s, when the first short TV commercial was ever invented, then finally aired on the TV screen. Was it created to irritate us? Absolutely not. However, it really seems like the purpose of advertisements is to test people’s patience.

Let’s turn on our imagination for a minute.

You are watching your dearest TV series. (e.g. “Pretty Little Liars”). You’ve been waiting for a whole week just to watch some special episode. You are all prepared, comfortably sitting in your cosy sofa, with a bowl full of popcorn in your hands. Five minutes have passed. You are sitting there, all fired up, thrilled, having an unbelievably great moment. You are about to find out – which character is the antagonist! All of the sudden, everything is interrupted…without you even realising it! In a second your mood drops; the evil member is still a mystery; your beloved episode is interfered with by yet another exasperating advertisement, which tells you about the bacteria that you have in your bathroom; tells you about the magic toilet washing-liquid, which will definitely get rid of those germs.

Do germs and bacteria have anything to do with your long-awaited episode? No. By the time these frustrating adverts end, your bowl of popcorn would probably have become empty or you would probably lose your appetite after seeing those nasty pictures of germs on your screen. Even your cosy sofa wouldn’t seem as comfortable as before!

Nevertheless, there are some positive things about the ads. For example, when there is absolutely nothing near you and your stomach feels like it’s able to fit a full horse inside of it, commercials can actually save you! You might have enough time to run into the kitchen and grab an ice-covered chunk of food! On the other hand, most of the people don’t like to risk missing a single second of the movie they’re watching, so they end up waiting for it with a horrific feeling of hunger. Ironically, the TV would probably advertise that mouth-watering junk food.

Adverts have another bad consequence. Some people actually get brainwashed by these ‘hypnotising’ advertisements. Afterwards, end up wasting their money. In the end, the magic washing-liquids, which are guaranteed to work, might not even work! Your bathroom germs and bacteria might still be there and your bathroom would look untouched, soiled and grubby. You would be pranked and have an emptier wallet. A lot of people end up in such despairing situations. All because of advertisements – brainwashing, propagandising and persuading little videos. So short, but at the same time so powerful!

The other problem about commercials – their unbelievable loudness. Yes, the world is trying to make such tricks of increasing the volume when adverts come on illegal. However, most of the countries (e.g. Thailand, China, Ukraine) still have ear-splitting TV commercials, which might give you headaches. So, sometimes it’s useful to have headache pills beside you!

All of us can agree – adverts do test your love. People say “If you love it, you can wait.” So, if you’re truly in love with the movie or series you’re watching, no matter how much time passes by, no matter how many nasty, nonsensical images you see on your TV screen, you will hold on to your program. At the same time, most of us are busy people. Unfortunately, we just have no time to wait sometimes.

Do you know what is the worst thing about the advertisements? You can’t escape from them. They are literally everywhere! Every single country of the world has them; every single city or town; every single street. Even in the net almost every single website has those bothersome adverts popping up in every single unimaginable way. You go outside – the advertisements track you down there as well. You are in a taxi – the advertisements pursue you even there sometimes.

The other things that I can see remotely positive about ads is that they allow bathroom breaks, channel surfing and text messaging. However, most of the people end up forgetting the channel number while they’re exploring other channels or get sucked into interesting conversations on the phone with friends and completely miss the start of the program.

In conclusion, the majority agrees that advertisements can be very frustrating. At times, even seem like the worst human invention! It’s almost impossible to escape from them. They interrupt your favourite movies; might ruin your appetite; make you waste your money. Yes, there are different people – different opinions. For some of us, advertisements is a great way to earn money. Sometimes even allow your favourite TV shows to be created and exist. This means that there are actually some benefits of these annoying creations. However, everyone should agree that television commercials bring more negative emotions than happiness. If you do disagree and don’t mind or love the ads, you’re probably some peaceful alien from another planet! Many people would love to become like you! These infuriating adverts are like colossal stonewalls, blocking you from entertainment. Kate Bernadzikovskaya

Offer some solutions. Research how Scandinavian countries present them in a saner way. Ways to thwart them:
TIVO (look it up – fantastic device used by many Americans)

A powerful and emotional plea, you’ve made a number of points although not always acknowledging the counter-argument. Well-structured and good use of AFORREST. Consider the counter-argument for some of the points, people might not actually mind the adverts – what do you say to them? What about the money that advertising creates, thus allowing your favourite TV show to be made in the first place? Band 2 – 31

I added my thoughts/comments in RED

I would give you a 30 on this – Some points are a bit silly and take away from your other reasoned ones. I do admire your style and risks you take in how they are presented.

Why are they on cable TV anyway if we are paying a large monthly fee for TV viewing. I can understand free network channel TV but cable? How did we let them get away with that?

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