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Tuscarora War

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The war of the North Carolina, or the Tuscarora War, was fought during the period of September 1711 until February 1715, upon the battlefield standing the posts of Southern Tuscarora, a Native American Indian tribe against the British colony. (Global Security, 2009)

            The Northern and Southern Tuscarora, led by Chief Tom Blunt and Chief Hancock respectively, was initially adjusting well to the foreigner settlers in their native land; however, the increasing European population soon worried them, along with their speed of conquering the land, pushing them towards slavery, unfair trade and the new diseases, which they brought with themselves. Thus, Chief Hancock decided that the only solution to stop this magnitude of invasion was through invading a war against them, whereas the Northern side did not join him in. (NCH, 2009)

            The first attack was launched on 22 September 1711, which targeted a white settlement killing hundreds of them. However, Governor Edward Hyde of North Carolina, aided by Tom Blunt of the northern Tuscarora, attacked the forts of the south in 1712, first capturing Fort Narhantes followed by  Fort Neoheroka in 1713, which resulted with the slaughter of Chief Hancock. Where thousands were killed, many of the survivors were taken in as slaves; some migrated to New York, while the rest signed a peace treaty with the Europeans, which assigned them their due land. (Shamlin, 2002). It is believed that the Tuscarora war turned out to bet the greatest defeat faced by the Indians in their own homeland as dictated by history of America, as the tribes men themselves were divided due to political disagreement and did not have a unified goal to fight for.

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