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Truth or Dare

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It’s around six in the morning, 55 degrees outside. Torri and I are running in the hills of west virginia with the priest shouting at us; with the sun streaming through the horizon over the ridge. All I could remember was that ridiculous smile on my face and the thought that was running through my head. It’s the last four days before we got back home. This would be the last summer I spent in Summer Camp. On the morning of the 27th we are getting ready for the day festivities and the bonfire. We’re wearing clothes that can get soaking wet and stay wet all day. The squirt guns are ready, water-buckets, soap, hoses, and the water balloons. The longest water slide I have ever seen and fun had begun. We practically spent the whole day up until it got dark with that slide and the water balloon game, René and I were walking back to the boy’s cabin to change for the bash. We went ahead and got ready, and waited around the living area for the girls, for the first time since we’ve been here we were allowed to be in the same cabin with the girls during night time but we had to all go to bed around Midnight. Undoubtedly, the director and counselor trusted us little did I know this would be a night I would never forget.

The nine of us were waiting for the girls to come, the girls brave enough to come. They girls came all dressed up and looking stunning and beautiful, while we were just wearing casual clothes. Cassie had brought board games, Kyle had some booze with him, Joey had chips. The night was looking great and promising we played a few games of twisters we all went around the room and talked a bit, but I was standing in a corner with my cup in hand watching the fun. Torri and her friends came up to me we laughed and sat for a while, away from the group. “You know this might be your best chance to talk to her before camp ends,” Torri said. I told her “I don’t want to make a fool out of myself, when she doesn’t even like me.” She chuckled and laid her shoulder on my head. “You do know she likes you right?” she hasn’t stopped talking about you ever since we’ve been here I don’t know why lol.”So, you want me to help you with her.” and I thought to myself why not, I suck when it comes to talk to girls. “So what’s the plan boss?”

“We’re going to play Truth or Dare” said Veronica and when it’s Torri’s turn she’ll make sure it’s about you even if she picks truth. I fought with them for a bit knowing this was going to make me look like a complete idiot but they kept telling me it was going to work, I shouldn’t worry it going to be alright, so I said “Yeah, Let’s do it”.Torri shouted “Time for truth or dare” the air in the room changed as if everything just got serious but I could see the smile on the faces of everyone around the room. I wasn’t sure what I was thinking at the time. As the rounds go by Torri dared Dawn to change underwear with a boy in the room for 3 rounds, in my mind I was freaking out, thinking this would be the greatest thing to happen to me and she said “Okay, René come with me to the bathroom.”

The oohs and whistles went around the room as they got up and walked away to the bathroom, I bailed. Another stupid moment for me when I thought things would go right but of course they never will.Im walking out and Torri calls after me a few times I didn’t turn around I just went on the side of the hill and sat down. “I told you something bad would happen but you in the girls wouldn’t listen, serves me right.” She just sat there with her head on my shoulder didn’t say a word just sitting here, then a Light flashes on us, The director came up to us and was furious at us for being out so late, he made us run 3 miles around the retreat as we’re running I look at Torri and I couldn’t stop smiling thinking to myself “Experiencing something new is fun. It’s an enjoyable experience.” though it may not have been the ending that I wanted for my relationship with Dawn but I was happy that I had the chance to experiencing something that was awesome.

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