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Tri-Star Health Insurance Company

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1. What should Fisher have done when he first decided to tackle this project? 2. What protocols should have been in place to avoid the present situation? 3. What positive resolution can be implemented in order to keep these contracted physicians with the plan?

Communication is the creation or exchange of thoughts, ideas, emotions, and understanding between sender(s) and receiver(s). Managers who understand this exchange can better analyze their communication patterns resulting in more effective communication within the workplace. (Borwoski, 2009 there are appropriate ways to communicate with people other than being verbal, and that is something Paul Fisher from Tri-Star Insurance should’ve done. The action he took by reconstructing the company’s internal codes was something that would’ve benefit if he had warn the physician representatives.

One way to avoid this kind of problem is by downward communication. Downward communication passes information from supervisors to subordinates. This also includes verbal and nonverbal communication, meetings, memos, newsletters, bulletin boards, procedure manuals, and system information. In order to keep these contracted physicians in a positive mood, I suggest apologizing and expressing their deepest regrets. Being a competent communicator can make them change their mind about the mistake that happen at the workplace. By expressing your deepest concern and guaranty the new process of communication will be effective and lead to less mis communication will benefit for the company and for future endeavors. Chapter 5 ended questions

1. Define motivation.
Motivation is the psychological process through which unsatisfied needs or wants lead to drives that are aimed at goals or incentives (Borkowski, 2009). It’s what drives us to do something

2. Explain the connection of the five tiers of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs to the workplace.
According to Maslow, all levels of needs must be satisfied in order to move up to the next or higher level. The first levels physiological, safety and security can well be addressed by the employer by providing adequate benefit plans. The third level- desire to be love, to belong and be approved by others can be meet by helping them feel connected to the organization and its mission. The fourth level is when you know you have done right. You are respected by other, you are appreciated, self-respect, a confidence feeling, and autonomy. Expressing positive feedbacks to staff is a means of motivation that can help them achieve that higher lever in the hierarchy. The last level is where the person desires to be all that he can be. This level of self-actualization wants to do more than what has been achieved already. Finding no grounds to stop and continue to do better in anything our minds are put to.

3. Discuss how Alderfer’s ERG Theory satisfied the criticisms of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. The ERG theory and Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs see the needs as the motivation for behavior. The difference is that the ERG theory doesn’t have to go in order to meet their needs. They can move around the hierarchy. In Alderfer theory he argued that people can go backwards in meeting their needs.

4. Explain Herzberg’s Two-Factor Theory as it relates to job design. Herzberg two factor theories relates to the job design by describing the elements require to motivate the employees. Supervisor who understand this two factor theory are able provide guidedance and motivation by targeting the company’s policy, their benefits, pay, and job securities within other factors. Managers are required to maintain a balance between the satisfactions of their employees vs. the requirements that might end up creating dissatisfaction to the workforce. This creates the opportunity for the manager to introduce recognitions within the organization and other positive actions with motivational purposes.

5. Explain the various components of Hackman and Oldham’s Job Characteristics Model.

Hackman and Oldham listed 5 motivational job characteristics provide principle of the work flow within an organization. An employee must have a basic knowledge complemented with advance and ongoing knowledge to be effective, therefore the task and the implied task of that employees daily operation will be achieve. Understanding the text the task significance falls into the motivation and direction given to the employee by the manager. Part of the motivation of the employees relies in the understanding of the end results of their contributions in regards to the end product. The autonomy phase begins once the previous components have been master by the employee. At this point the employee can work with minimal supervision and has the knowledge to apply problem solving steps to complete the cycle of their responsibilities. All successful organizations rely in a feedback tool to identify areas of sustainment and areas of improvements. The efficiency of operations is to be tested in the real work environment.

6. Discuss McClelland’s 3-Needs Theory as it relates to a manager’s success in the workplace. McClelland’s 3-need theory can be used as a tool for the manager to influence his employees. Organizations functions as team with a common mission therefore the goal setting process if well influence by the manager, will dictate the pace and the output of each employee on his team. As the individuals receive recognition for their achievements and contributions to the teams’ success, power, respect and influence becomes natural for him and his peers. For this point on this employee has earned the acceptance and respect from his peers and supervisors through his work ethics.

7. Discuss the relationship between the various content theories of motivation Every successful manager must understand and treat each team member as an individual to obtain the maximum output. Each employee has different levels of needs. Some of them are working on the basic human needs such as safety and family while others are in the building phase and basically working towards a stable job or even a promotion. Employees that are receiving recognitions as a result of their performance can be considered successful at the current level. The understanding of the levels in which each employee is located in Maslow theory make possible for the manager to increase the effective of his communication with each employee. Now that we understand the needs of the employee is time to find a way to motivate him to do what we would need him to do by providing satisfaction or fulfillment in the workplace.

Based on the relationship between managers and employees the motivating factor will become clear, thus allowing the manager to used their employees to the fully potential. Herzberg theory is more detail in the factors that bring satisfaction or dissatisfaction in the workplace. Managers must keep a good balance between the factors that they control that bring satisfaction vs. the factors that they don’t control which creates dissatisfaction. For example a manager may not have within his power the authority to raise the pay of an employee however, the manager can recognize the achievements, and therefore, increasing the employees needs of affiliation within the workplace.


Borkowski, N. (2009). Theory and Design in Health Care. Jones and Bartlett Publishers. http://www.learning-southwest.org.uk/asset/Reading%20Material%20-%20%20Maslow’s%20Hierarchy%20and%20Alderfer’s%20ERG%20Theory.pdf http://www.managementstudyguide.com/herzbergs-theory-motivation.htm

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