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The Worst Grade Ever

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The first time I ever made a mediocre grade on a test changed my life forever. Before this pathetic test grade I would study for shorter periods of time and slack off more in class. My grades were much lower and my conduct was usually satisfactory. This event was most beneficial because it showed me that I was very lazy and I was not trying hard enough in school. Many people would be amazed to find out how much one test could totally change one’s life. Many students who do not try that hard in school would change their study habits after reading about the major turning point of my life.

In the school year from 2002-2003, when I was a freshman, I decided to blow off studying for a major test so I could hang out with my friends. This was a major mistake that ended up making my life more meaningful. The next morning, I waddled into English class nervously and received the “Test of Doom,” which I found myself guessing on ninety-five percent of the questions based on context clues. Two days later, when I got the test back, I saw the number 13 in a blood stained crimson red color jumping out at me at the top of the paper with the words “See Me After Class” written below it. I panicked and my brain started racing with hundreds of spontaneous thoughts such as what my parents would say; I had almost been positive my parent would ground me for life. To my surprise they laughed about it with a sense of humor; my Mom said, “Is this some kind of joke?” and my dad said, “Wow, you really must have studied hard!” I was very depressed because I had never made such a poor grade, which encouraged me to do many times better.

Because of my poor test grade, the amount of time I studied more than doubled, which made me a much better student. Since I was more attentive in class, my conduct scores in most classes jumped from satisfactory to excellent. I displayed the quintessence of hard work; I tried as hard as physically and mentally possible, coming close to perfect. My study habits have improved more than I imagined possible. My grades have sky rocketed from good scores to great scores. Because of this experience I have learned that you have to try your hardest in life or you will always regret it. This has made my life more meaningful and provided a better future for me. I plan to try even harder in the future and learn from my mistakes and flaws.

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