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The Right to Vote Is the Right of Every Citizen

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From the minute America gained its independence, back in 1776, everybody felt the need to express not only their freedom, but to live their life the way they wanted to. Rightfully so, and as time went on, things were happily ever after. Actually, that’s completely wrong. As many issues came about since that time, one very big issue, was Voting Rights. As a matter of fact, voting has been an issue at hand for many years. Anything from the actual free vote, to WHO can vote. When discussing the rights and acts of voting, there is a lot of things you need to take into account. The main one, and most important thing is that this is not only your time and your vote, but this has an outcome and decision on what happens in the future. Regardless of how you feel or what you think about the candidates, your decision and right to vote for something that has been fought for, for many years. It is a blessing. This matter isn’t to be taken lightly, and the website “Rock The Vote” brings an all-new, in depth yet brief definition on its home-page, on your voting rights, and the importance of the matter.

The topic of voting rights has been discussed and an issue since 1776. As a country, America has been through more than just war in terms of blowback, misfortunes, unfairness and overall disregard for common courtesy when it comes to voting. From the ridiculous voting terms and eligibility to vote, to the topics of what “true” democracy is, and the fact that many Americans feel they do not get it. Throughout the entire piece, you will see how hard this website brought it to the table, how correct they came in every aspect of showing white voting is important and why bringing democracy back in its purest form is important. Rock The Vote genuinely displays and portrays a message for the youth. That is something you don’t see every day, as the years go by it seems that voting and democracy goes down. While there are many issues at hand, the power is supposed to be in the people, and they bring out the terms as if why that is or isn’t true, as well as showing you what needs to be changed in order for this to be how it should’ve been.

For starters, the Rock The Vote website genuinely brings an authentic vibe that isn’t really seen much on the Internet. The common saying among many people is that “you cannot trust any and everything you see on the Internet.” RTV really makes sure to bring out that this message and motive isn’t for the benefit of just the people writing it, this will benefit society and the community as a whole. In terms of effectiveness and overall mood of the website, it really brings out a sense of urgency and willingness from whoever reads it. Making the analogy, like when the military puts out certain posters or commercials that make you want to join to help our country, I feel RTV put the legendary MLK out there to show who inspired this all. This message really is supposed to bring awareness and a sense of motivation to make a change and help a change last long in this country. To really bring out some truth as to what is really going on, and put light on certain topics and things that aren’t really talked about. This website really does help with all of that. As someone who isn’t very connected to politics, it made me want to go out and scream at the world, to help pass H.R.1 and make a change.

In terms of the rhetorical triangle, Rock The Vote does a great job in balancing and showing all 3 aspects from Pathos, Logos and Ethos. Their claims are made in full, citing that “Our generation believes in fairness, equality, and justice – especially at the ballot box. Passing H.R. 1 would help our democracy reflect those values and help our system continue to become a more perfect government of the people, by the people and for the people.” Their message, sent out by the youth isn’t made up of just 1 or 2 people, rather 3.3 thousand, with a motive to restore, and bring democracy at the highest form. As you carry on and see, the topic at hand is deeper than what you think. This isn’t an act of strictly guiding, taking advantage of or forcing their morals on you, but helping you guide and understand where they are coming from. The purest form of ethos and pathos. They continue on to help the reader and help people like me and you as a benefit towards an entire society, and not one singular group.

The attention is put on for the youth, but through the youth, more life comes from it. So while it may seem like older generations aren’t thought of, the basis of restoring it is to help ALL generation, not just us. As you open up to their website and navigate throughout the numerous quick links and descriptions, informational portions of the site, you see the inspiration behind this all, is Martin Luther King Jr. As the Dr. is in his prime on the website, during one of his national speeches, you see the hope and destiny for the website is really for the greater good. While using their logos of MLK on front street, they then bring out their mission statement. This shows their authenticity and emotion not only from their side, but what it should bring out from our side and the benefits that will come from it. Not only in a persuading act but more so in an act of truth. Their reasons are as follows, stating “From restoring the full scope of the Voting Rights Act, investing in election infrastructure, limiting the influence of big money in politics, to mandating automatic voter registration and making Election Day a holiday, H.R. 1 would have a profound effect on our democracy. Its passage would not only reduce barriers so that every eligible American can more easily exercise their freedom to vote, but it would also restore our faith in the electoral process by securing our elections and limiting the influence of money in politics.”

Transitioning towards more of a personal testimony on the matter, I have a lot to say on the topic. I will be the first to tell you, for my generation the topic of voting seems to be a little much. What I mean is, the constant nag from the older generations of why we should vote and the impact it has, at times just seems lackadaisical in the approach and their message. What I mean by that is, it’s the same old, same old. The process for some people is too long and then the candidates at times really don’t strike a positive nerve to go out of your way and support them. While many do, I do know in the state of Texas they are the worst voting state in this country. While some can say it is for population sake, because we have a bunch more citizens than the norm, it really has to also do with the same lazy approach many candidates and people have in this country. Voting and the election process is very tiring and full of empty promises and total lies. I needed to bring that towards your attention, because now I can say this.

Rock The Vote really brought it on this one. Their descriptions and content as to why voting is important and what it brings to the table is something that is unmatched and something that I haven’t seen before. They brought out a fire and struck something inside me that made me want to make a change and make a difference. That is not something that happens very often, but I will say I give them the most props. From personal testimony you saw how negative and how careless I am about voting, but after reading and going through the entire website, I understand why everyone feels a certain way about it. This is something that really is important and benefits everybody in the future.

As someone who hasn’t really been involved in politics in his lifetime, seeing and reading this made me get more in tune with the facts. As a lover of MLK, their use of the rhetorical triangle can be seen. The words, picture, reason and credibility as to why and what they do, is totally for the positive. It personally swayed me their way, as I feel that was the purpose for this all. Everything from putting a dent in the way money and politics are so tightly knitted together, to making voting easier and more reliable, the cause and effect for this is meant to be entirely positive. Rock The Vote, really rocked the internet.

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