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The possible truths depicted in the text

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Possible truth depicted in the news item provided may be that a meeting was held at mmankweng hospital emerging hall. The possibility at the above may be depicted in the photo taken by Elijah mushiana. The photo shows a vehicle parked in front of the hall and masses flowing into the hall. The photo gives one the guts to believe that it is true that a meeting was really held at mankweng. Again other truth which can be depicted from the news item provided may be that in the case of the meeting they also highlighted a news crew from sowetan expose did attend the meeting with base again the truth of saying a meeting was held can be classified as authentic. Phrases carrying element of persuasion

The phrase carrying persuasion is the phrase “…the meeting was sparked sowetan exposed..” with this phrase, considering the word “sparked” try to put emphasis in our minds in persuading what they wrote is truth since they were to attend the meeting so they are also witness of the meeting. More over the head of the story, so much persuasive “…HOSPITAL STUFF ON WARPATH..”. this phrase is persuading one to believe that there was chaos in the hospital staff members angry with their senior personnel to an extent of threatening to expel them. Also the use of ambiguous words like “disgruntled” trying to provoke our minds indulging a picture in our minds or an imagination of what the situation was at mankweng hospital.

Purposes of discourse in the text

A discourse in its definition is expressing oneself eliciting a particular response from readers reality as clearly as possible. A discourse can be either persuasive or expressive in terms of its purposes. In this text, expressive discourse can be identified if one takes note of the words like “disgruntled” where the writer is trying to express how the stuff members were angry to their senior personnel. More over persuasive discourse may be identified if one takes note of the statement “…the meeting was sparked by sowetan expose with the gender of unsafe and unhealthy conditions while in care of the hospital …” with the above statement a discourse is trying to persuade one into believing that what is represented by the newspaper is true reality. One will have to believe after being told that the news crew of the sowetan really visited the hospital in order to attend a meeting at the hospital’s emerging hall Formulate two distinct discourses emulated in the text.

Two distinct discourses which can be emulated from this text are firstly the headline on its own its just compressing of few words but meaning things may be deduced from such a headline which reads “…HOSPITAL STUFF MEMBERS ON A WARPARTH…” this drives or persuade us to be eager to read more about what happened at mankweng , this is proved to be made believable by the photo inserted in order for audiences to have authenticity on what is being said to be regarded as true. Since a photo is something that never lies but tells truth as it is.

In addition, the second discourse emulated in the text is that of making us believe that the hospital is in a bad situation since people are dying who came for the rescue of their lives as patients. Due to the poor services provided by the hospital. Death records were emulated in this text in order to convince us into believing that really the hospital was in a critical state and it needed rescue and measures to be taken in order to make the lifesaving institution function very proper by expelling of the three senior personnel whom they blame for providing poor service to the hospital.

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