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The Importance Of Genetics

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The Importance of Genetics People fear what they do not understand. If only society would take time to understand the facts of genetics, they would grasp the concept of the important role it plays in our everyday life. With our coming into the 21st century we must take advantage of the technology we develop, in order to continue survival with all of the new obstacles we uncover everyday.

Every time we take a bite of an apple, or taste the juices of a vegetable, we think of how good it is or how good it could be. Genetics makes it possible for our food to be more enjoyable. For example, engineers have performed the feat of making corn taste sweeter. Genetic engineers simply isolate the trait responsible for a sweeter taste, and insert it into the corn’s DNA. This trait can be taken from another fruit to insure safety, for genetically engineered crops are not harmful. Everything is made up of cells that contain genes, it matters not where the genes come from, and therefore eating genetically engineered food does not affect our own DNA. Genetic engineering only speeds up the process farmers have been performing for years.

Genetics also helps us out in ways most people wouldn’t imagine. Pesticides are proven very dangerous and could lead to contamination of drinking water, and harm non-targeted life. Although, instead of spraying down our crops with pesticides to protect them from insects, crops can be genetically enhanced to naturally protect themselves from insects without the use of poisons. Scientists are also currently researching the development of a fish that contains a glowing ball inside to help fishers spot them under water. A new cotton candy plant is also under way, which would allow the snack to grow outside and float off the stem of a plant into the air similar to a flower pedal.

In recent news a bill has been pushed to outlaw the use of genetic engineering on stem cells, a controversial matter that has had the media, government, and religious leaders in frenzy. Stem cells are primitive cells that have the ability to multiply and change into several specific different kinds of cells. Genetic engineers have taken advantage of this natural occurrence to help better our lives in this new day in age. A stem cell can be taken out of the inner mass of cells inside the womb, and used to help stop or slow down diseases and defects like cancer. The only problem is once the cell is taken out of the woman’s womb, the embryo dies. This situation has left political figures confused and undecided. It is up to president Bush to decide the fate of stem cell technology.

Genetic engineering plays a vital role in our implications for the future. In a poll held by “The Gene School”  in 1999, of 255 votes 60% of the voters said that genetic engineering will benefit humanity in the long run. When used the right way it can help bring an end to the vicious diseases we encounter everyday, as well as protect us from the pesticides and poisons induced in our fruits and vegetables. I feel that genetic engineering is a good thing, but it must be watched carefully. It contains power, and power is usually followed by greed. Once the secrets and formulas of genetic engineering get into the wrong hands, major damage can be done. Therefore, as long as we keep this gift and blessing under control, a lot of good can be done. Risks and challenges are taken every day, and if you were to choose which risks to take, then why not choose those that hold the most importance and value to you. Society cannot hold themselves back from progression because of fear.

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