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The help of education

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In America, children are put into schools to begin their long journey to graduation, and to become something great in life. Although most keep an open mind about their careers there are some who go for the simple things in life, because they know not everyone can be the best of the best. I believe that education is key to creating your own life in this world, because almost everything requires for you to have some sort of basic education even for most jobs. When I was younger I went to a school in HISD named Wilson, and at Wilson I was considered below average in almost everything.

After fifth grade, I moved to KISD and went to a school called schindewolf, at that school my grades improved by going from F’s to A’s and B’s. While at schindewolf my dad taught me that education is everything and without it I would have nothing. Although, even without him having to tell me that, I had already come to love learning. I know what you’re thinking and yes, I did just say that I enjoyed learning, you see at my old school I never had as many opportunities as I do here in the Klein district.

For instance, in KISD I could stay late and ask my teachers for help on things they lectured us about, while at Wilson we could never stay late unless it was for some sort of club with a teacher. While attending Wilson I was unable to take different classes, such as art or choir, because at that school a normal school day was the class staying in one classroom the entire day with an hour of some sort of other class like science or P. E on somedays with of course lunch. Here in the Klein district I can choose which electives to take and I have far more options here than I ever did there.

Sometimes I think, what would have happened if I stayed at that school? Would I have turned out the way I am now? A book lover? A person who is always striving to do their best? But alas I do not have the answers to any of those questions. Instead I think of the present, the here and now, not the distant future or past, I think of how maybe a decade ago we were only competing against people who we knew for ranks and gpa’s but now it’s grown due to technology advances and how far our world has grown.

It used to only be a competition with the people who lived in the same city, but now it’s against people from different nations which has made is especially hard for people to make a living. These days having an education is important because it prepares you for a job that you will literally have to fight for with people who may speak more than one or two languages.

Although most parents have prepared their children for what lies ahead the best they can, times are changing and fast. With new developing technology and a fast growing economy this country wont stay the same for long and when it changes students will have to adapt quick with the help of education. Students now need not worry because if they have an education they can manage to learn new ways to overcome their obstacles like many of you have and or will.

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