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The Fall of Roman Empire

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There is a long history about this great Roman Empire. First Rome was a small village, then it grew into the subjective city. From monarchy it became to republic and then it became a greatest empire. Roman Empire lasted over 1000 years. Even after the civil wars and crises Empire continued to exist. After attack of Barbarians Roman Empire didn’t fall completely. The Roman empire was splitted by Eastern and Western Rome. When Germans attacked them Eastern Rome still continued exist for hundreds of year, and were known as Byzantine Empire. Later became a Constantinople, which isl today Istanbul.

The fall of Empire refers to only the Western Rome, but historians say the Empire was over. There are a lots of reasons why Empire lasted for so long and in the end fell to Barbarians. We should consider not only the fell of Empire but also how great was the Empire which were spreaded over three continents. The plysophy, language, art, engineering and culture all transplanted to Rome. Without Roman Empire nowaday Europe’s history couldn’t be so unique.

Some historians think that cause of end of empire was a great migration or adoption of Christianity, while other think because of split of Empires to East and West and crises. There is no right or wrong answers. They all can be right, as we know there were many political, economic and social problems. East Roman were stronger, trades didn’t go well, both sides didn’t support each other militarily. Some political causes fell of Rome was the corrupt politicians and assassination of emperors. There were more than 20 emperors in 75 years. When Diocletian separated the empire into two branches the corruption starts from Western Rome. The often changes in government such as Barbarian invasions, weak military and environmental problems made the empire weak.


Antagonism between Emperors and Senators. Wealthy roman Emperors lived a depravity and dissolute lifestyle. The Emperor had power over death and life and acted with Senate as an advisory body. The power of the Praetorian Guard which is known as a selfish force. They are group of soldiers who decide whether the emperor should inclined and who should become a new emperor. They were corrupt and literally trade with throne. They were also who assassinated emperors and proclaim a new emperor who gave them most money.


Rome’s government didn’t have much control over the military armies, so they hired the mercenaries and Barbarians. Mercenaries were not loyal to Rome which led a problem with military. One of the main causes were that the Barbarians knew the Roman Military tactics which turned against Romans in the end, which is why Rome was conquered. Vandals encroached Roman’s territories in Gual, they moved to Spain and North Africa and controlled over Rome’s Numidia in 439, then in 455 they attacked Rome from the sea. http://facstaff.bloomu.edu/mhickey/end_of_the_roman_empire_in_t.htm

Social causes of fell Rome. Citizens and non-citizens lost their loyalty to government. The spread of Christianity and Churches. People led to spend time at churches, instead of work and go to work. Life and future seemed hopeless for the millions. Emperor Constantine the great accept Christianity and became a christian. He made a Christianity the official religion of Roman Empire. Rich people became more reacher and poor people poorest. Religious festivals such as Saturnalia and Bacchanalia where sacrifices, ribald songs, they practised lewd acts and sexual promiscuity. Widespread gambling on the chariot races and gladiatorial combats. Wealth created new classes between people.

Roman’s economic was one of the problems. High unemployment, rise of taxation, inflation and slaves declined the empire. Slaves took job from normal citizens, because slaves were cheap workers. All farmers lost their jobs. Their dependence on slaves eventually weakened the economy. Majority of citizens thought that their incomes was going to taxes.

Constant wars needed more soldiers. Government spent a lots of amount money on military. Emperors degraded the currency in order to supply demand for more coins. By the time of Claudius II Gothicus (268-270 A.D.), the amount of silver in a supposedly (100%) silver denarius was only .02 percent. In result it caused an inflation. https://www.thoughtco.com/economic-reasons-for-fall-of-rome-118357

The government proceeded with its bureaucratic and military spending, drawing down resources for use in the private sector. More inefficiency was injected into the veins of the once vibrant and expanding Roman economy. In 476 AD the German tribes invaded Rome. The western Roman were attacked by several places and conquered. The Eastern side became a Byzantine Empire, then fell in 1453 after an Ottoman Empire attacked and conquered Constantinople.

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