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The Buntain School of Nursing program distinctives

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How do my values, experiences and goals align with the Buntain School of Nursing program distinctives?  First of all, the Buntain School of Nursing is pervasively Christian, with Christian values which I share. My core values sustain me in my life and I chose the Buntain School of Nursing to continue my education for the simple reason that we share a similar belief in what constitutes a decent life and lifestyle. That belief is that Christ comes first in our lives, then our families and then our profession. For ‘who am I? I am a creation of God, a product of my reality and imagination. I am innately depraved, yet I am made perfect,’(Ecc 1:2, King James).

            My experiences, including the hands-on training I have received, coupled with the life lessons I have learned while caring for the elderly in adult homes have prepared me for the next logical step in my journey to become a registered nurse.

            My aspiration, to become the person I want to become, coupled with the education I intend to receive and the faith that sustains the goal, will be realized, I know, through diligence and hard work. My goal is to become a registered nurse and continue helping people in their journey through this world.

            How have my experiences prepared me for this program?   For over two years I was a volunteer in an adult assisted living facility. I carried out the duties expected of me, and developed warm relationships with those under my care. I then opened a care facility and for two years I was on call 24 hours a day, 7 days per week, performing my job as a caregiver, while handling every aspect of the business of running a facility and maintaining compliance with all state regulations.

            I handed the daily routine tasks of taking the vital signs of the patients under my care while performing wound care and other more urgent tasks as they arose. My work in supervising and training those under me, and my duty to brief the families of those patients in my facility, are positive experiences which I bring to Buntain Nursing School.

            What skills and strengths would I bring to nursing? I possess the skills requisite for a caregiver, honed over the past six years of my life. I have been in the field for long enough to be proficient at the tasks at hand. My greatest strength lies in my genuine feelings for my patients. They know what feelings are real and it makes a difference when someone cares.

They know I care. That, perhaps, is an intangible, but nonetheless a strength of which I am proud. I am also possessed of drive and will to do the best that I can do with any task given me. There is more to nursing than just learning the subjects well, though I look forward to the educational opportunities and the expansion of my horizons at the University of Washington. I believe firmly that I ‘must make the most of every opportunity,’ (Col. 4:5).

            What personal characteristics might I seek to improve throughout the nursing program?  I tend to be a workaholic. I need more discipline and skill in budgeting and managing my time. I understand that the workload I will be under will necessitate long hours of study and my nature often causes me to go to excesses where work and study are involved. One of my early goals is to become more proficient at time management.

            An elderly patient of mine, an astute lady, once told me that I have a caring nature. She said I belong in a career in which I can care for others. I think that moment brought about an epiphany and I realized she was right. I knew then that I was meant to become a registered nurse. I am willing and able to do that. I am here for the necessary education.


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