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The Benifits of JROTC

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Leadership is defined as, “The quality or ability to lead others to complete a mission,” while character is defined as, “moral excellence and firmness.” Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (JROTC) builds character by demanding leadership from cadets while instilling a sense of leadership into cadets. JROTC builds character and leadership by demanding academic excellence, providing retired army personnel to teach army values and lessons, and teaching the importance of leadership and discipline. JROTC builds character by demanding academic excellence. JROTC stresses that grades come before everything because obtaining good grades can improve your future drastically. Cadets who obtain good grades are awarded merits that can go on their uniforms, such as the Honor Roll arc, which is obtained by maintaining honor roll. Other cadets are encouraged to bring up their grades. Extra-curricular events, such as the cadet ride, are available to cadets who maintain a certain grade point average. Cadets who are part of the JROTC affiliated teams are required to maintain a certain grade point average to remain on the team. If their grades fall, they risk being terminated from the team. JROTC provides retired army personnel to teach cadets.

Each battalion has AIs, which are army instructors, and an SAI, which is the Senior Army Instructor. The instructors are responsible for teaching the enrolled cadets lessons on leadership. They stress the importance of staying in school and obtaining good grades. As cadets enter their 12th grade year, they are highly encouraged to apply to some sort of institution of higher learning. Scholarships are available to those cadets who qualify. JROTC teaches the importance of leadership. Cadets are seen as leaders in their school. They demonstrate discipline by refraining from insubordinate activities and by wearing the JROTC uniform with pride. They are seen as leaders in their school. Battalions also demonstrate discipline by taking part in the annual inspection, which judges the battalion on formation, cadet uniform appearance, and structure. JROTC teaches character and leadership by demanding discipline and excellence from each cadet enrolled in the program. Cadets will be able to apply these qualities to life situations as they grow experience different challenges in which they will excel.

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