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Telecommunication Systems in the Telemarketing Industry

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In every workplace, communication is very important. It is one of the foundations for the success of a company or organization. The advancement in the electronic world has placed an important emphasis on the use of communication at work.

In the telemarketing industry, communication is aided by telecommunication services/technologies such as desk and cellular phones, fax, email, computer networks and internet connections. These technologies, which comprised the telecommunication systems, are very important for the many different functions needed to bring good results.

More and more people rely heavily on these technologies to coordinate work (Mariani, 2000). Telephones and Internet, particularly, are used by many people in their jobs.

Telemarketing deals with customer contact (Tsai, 1995), and so a telemarketer’s buddy in the workplace is the telephone and computer network. These technologies assist a telemarketer in transacting business with potential customers.

Through the Internet, the telemarketer can gain access to products or services that the customers request. Moreover, the Internet allows for easier transaction since all the telemarketers need to do is click buttons. This ease in usage has many subscribed to Internet connections. In fact, North America has the highest access rates when it comes to the Internet. This is one of the reasons why the telemarketing industries have used the Internet to conduct business. It can reach a wider audience in just seconds.

But the Internet is not just for transacting business with the customers. Because more and more people are hooked on the World Wide Web, industries used this knowledge to make their products and services available online. The industry can establish its own web site and people with access to the Internet can also access the web site no matter where they are in the world.

Aside from this, one of the services on the Internet that is useful is e-mail. The telemarketer can send a message through e-mail, especially if there is bulky information to share to the customers. E-mails also prove to be useful when telemarketers need to communicate with other telemarketers or to their superiors.

Telephone is another medium in transacting business with customers. Through the discovery of optical fiber, this technology has bridged the gap between long distances and has proven to be essential in many job functions.

The fastness of contacting customers through the telephone enables telemarketers to answer questions, address concerns and overcome objections immediately. Moreover, the industry reaches a wider range of audience through the use of telephones.

The telemarketing department uses the standard phone system with AT&T. The wireless phones are easier to use and you don’t have to hold it so you can converse with the customers. By just punching a few numbers, the telemarketer is connected to customers who can be miles and miles away. Moreover, a telemarketer can perform as many business transactions as he can in just a few minutes.

Telephone and computer networks work side by side in telemarketing, and they are very important to many industries, including telemarketing. In fact, industries invest on these technologies because they make their businesses profitable and easier to perform.

In the future, there will be more advancement in these technologies, and probably in other services in telecommunication. The telemarketing industry, for sure, will not be left behind in taking advantage of the many benefits these telecommunication systems bring.


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