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Tanks and Flamethrowers of WWI

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WWI was a new type of war with new weapons and new Techniques. Although neither the flame thrower were heavily used in WWI, Both weapons were very effective at what they did. And both weapons had many Uses in the war.

Constructed to help fight the stalemate in trench warfare, the tank had A rotating turret and 2 wing guns in the front and back plus a majority of the tanks had light artillery gun as well. Although they had a top speed of 4mph the tanks caterpillar tracks and design allowed them to travel over most everything suck as trenches and craters as well as turn around without traveling any distance. The first country to have the tanks were the British, But not far behind were the French who would go on to have more tanks then any 2 countries combined.

Even though the Germans had tank, they only had about 20. They were more focused on creating anti-tank devices to stop the British tanks. The environment inside was extremely unpleasant; the atmosphere was contaminated with poisonous carbon monoxide, fuel and oil vapors from the engine and cordite fumes from the weapons as ventilation was inadequate. Temperatures inside could reach 122°. Entire crews lost consciousness inside the tanks, or collapsed when again exposed to fresh air.

The Flamethrower was created by the Germans putting fear in the eyes of the British and French who quickly adopted it. They Flamethrower was very affective at clearing trenches and enemy positions. They Germans Who produced 650+ Flamethrowers used them throughout the front in 6 man groups which had 2 men per flamethrower to push back the enemy so that the infantry could advance.

Although the number isn’t know the British and French also used a type of flamethrower that weighed 2 tons and was constructed by hand 60 feet away from the German front in a painstakingly style. These flamethrowers have a distance of 90 yards which could barely take out any of the trench therefor discontinued. Caring these weapons was very dangerous as they were the focus of all the soldiers firing in their direction; as a result their life span was very short. By the end of the war there was many ways the flamethrower was used in many ways, there was even use of it on some tanks.

Both weapons had many uses in the war and both were particularly good at what they did. This different war called for different modes of fighting and each side pumped out there weapons British with their tanks and Germans with the flamethrower. As a result the war was altered that may or may not have changed the outcome of the war.

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