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Support individuals with multiple conditions and or disabilities

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1:1 Describe possible multiple conditions and/or disabilities that individuals may have. Patients with multiple conditions and/or disabilities have two or more disabling conditions that affect learning or other important life functions. These can include:

1.Mental retardation, dementia
2.Bad eyesight, blindness
3.Hard of hearing, deafness
4.Arthritis, paralysed body/parts

1:2 Explain how multiple conditions and/or disabilities many have an additional impact on the individual’s well being and quality of life. Multiple conditions usually have additional impacts on individuals’ well being and quality of life. A person with arthritis only can live at home with minimum help of a carer but elderly people who have arthritis and dementia in addition, for them it is safer to live in care home . Multiple conditions also require different kinds of medications which are not without side effects. This is also an additional impact on well being that patients have to live with.

1:3 Explain how multiple conditions and/or disabilities may impact on individuals opportunity to participate in a range of activities. Things that could have an impact on an individual with multiple conditions and/or disabilities could include General housework tasks, personal. Social activities can all become difficult to a person with multiple conditions and disabilities. They may have problems dealing with other everyday situations such as shopping, working, administering their medication and paying bills, and may require support with these situations also.

2:1 Describe own role in supporting the well being of individuals with multiple condition and/or disabilities I would encourage and assist the individual with personal care, cooking, administering medication, stoma care, cleaning and laundry. I also carry out home visits for Care Plan and Risk Assessments. My duties are varied and I am required to assess, adapt and provide support with various situations that may arise, ensuring all emotional and physical needs of the Service User are met. 2:2 Explain the steps to take when actions may be outside the scope of own role and responsibilities. If an individual asked me to do something which wasn’t part of your job, I would politely inform them that I was unable to undertake that task, but I would seek advice on their behalf and I would try and find out who could help them. I would never undertake any task that may be outside the scope of my own role and responsibilities.

Anything above and beyond my role, I would ask my line manager for guidance and advice. I would keep the individual informed. 3:2 Explain the range of equipment that is available to support the additional needs of individuals with multiple conditions and/or disabilities. There is an extensive range of equipment that is available to support individuals with multiple conditions and/or disabilities to support their additional needs. These may include: Wheelchairs and other mobility aids

Hearing aids
Balls with bells inside (for the blind)
Playing cards written in Braille (for the blind)
Audio books
Books printed in large print for partially sighted people.

3:3 Explain the range of resources that is available to support the additional needs of individuals with multiple conditions and/or disabilities. There are various resources available to assist and support individuals with multiple conditions and/or disabilities. These may include: Respite

Day care centres that specialise in activities for people with learning difficulties or physical disabilities. Funding
Drop in centres
Internet forums
Therapies such as massage or aromatherapy etc.

3:4 Explain the importance of informal networks in providing support to individuals with multiple conditions and/or disabilities. Informal networks can provide a very wide range of ideas, knowledge and expertise to an individual. These could be especially beneficial to those who may be housebound etc. These may include internet, magazine articles, books, reports. 4:1 Support an individual to identify needs and preferences. The importance of supporting the individual and allowing them to make their own decisions is vital. Communicating with them and allowing identifying their own needs and then supporting them in that decision. You could involve family, friends and carers in the process. 4:2 Identify any resources or specialist equipment that may be required to support an individual to engage in activities. See 3:2 and 3:3 above.

4:3 Support an individual to engage in activities that meet their needs and preferences. It is important to encourage an individual to do as much for themselves as is possible to maintain their independence and physical ability to maximise their full potential and independence. Supporting an individual will help them to develop, retain and regain their abilities. 5:1 Review with the individual and/or others, how well the activities have met the identified needs and preferences. Sit and chat with the individual and ask him/her if they have enjoyed themselves during the activities? Speak to colleagues and ask if they had noticed a difference with that person. For example, if that person appeared happier or more cheerful than usual as this is an indication that the activities that you encouraged them to partake in has improved their well being, Particularly if the activity was something that person used to partake in when they were well.

5:2 Reflect on own support to an individual to engage in activities. Whilst working on Gower Neurology/Neurology Rehabilitation Ward, Morriston Hospital, One of my colleagues and I gained permission to take two of the patients, who had suffered a brain injury along to watch Swansea City Football Club play a number of league games. We took them in our own time and paid for the tickets ourselves. They had been inpatients for several months and were responding well to the treatment which they received. We felt that this experience would help their rehabilitation and it proved to be a successful venture and we, as staff enjoyed the experience as much as the patients.

5:3 Explain where additional advice, guidance and support can be accessed to improve own practice. Additional advice, guidance and support can be obtained from your Line Manager, other colleagues, internet and intranet, libraries, magazine articles etc. 5:4 Adapt own practice to support the needs of the individual. This can be done by observing and listening to the individual, learning and understanding their needs and preferences. You should consider the method of your communication and how you come across to the individual. Ensure you make eye contact with the individual and be aware of personal space. Pay attention and listen to the individual. If they appear confused, explain it in another way possibly using different words.

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