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Students in New Zealand

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Executive summary
Nowadays most of the students are coming from other countries for studying in New Zealand (Auckland) for getting international education; However, when they come in new country they have to face many conditions in their life; such as, housing, transportation and also new environment. Furthermore, we have chosen this topic because we have seen many international students they are get worried about their accommodation and also transportation because they are new here and also they do not have idea. Apart from, we want know about the information regarding their housing conditions. When we will research on our topic then we would talk to students and get the correct information about our topic then we come to know how’s the life here of students in Auckland NZIE at Takapuna and also Auckland central city.

Research statement
The research based on the flatting condition of international students in New Zealand. The interest of overseas study is highly considered in international students. This shows the vicissitude situation of the students. Research means different things to different people. (hussey, 2014) Aim of research

The aim of this research is to find the purpose of collect the information about their housing conditions and the living conditions which they face during study as well. We will also point out the deflection of the students about abroad study .Commonly, students interested in overseas study to enhance their knowledge in multi-cultural environment. This is an opportunity to understand the diverse cultures of the world as well as to prepare them for an international career. (international studies goals and objectives, 2012) With the analysis of this research we will able to understand the nature of international student’s life in another country and focus on their views about housing. It will be helpful to collect their views about their study destination as well as their choice of accommodation. We will conduct the questionnaires’ regarding the thinking about their accommodation’s complications. We will find out the suggestions about that what can be done to solve this.

To analyse of international student‘s information about their housing conditions and the living conditions To know the nature of international student’s life in another country and focus on their views about housing Questionnaires’ regarding the thinking about their accommodation’s complications

Literature review
The evaluative report of information gives the theoretical base for the research of this topic. The overseas study market is boosting day by day. Students in New Zealand are coming frequently. NZIE TAKAPUNA, BOTANY CAMPUS, AUT has become the famous destinations of study in New Zealand. This research shows that New Zealand is relatively successful in attracting and retaining international students. The majority of students who transition to permanent residence in New Zealand do so as skilled or business migrates. The research will also contain that the pathways to work and residence can be complex, and encompass many points of transition. These transitions points offer opportunities for education institutions, government and other service providers to ensure that in negotiating these transitions, international students achieve the best possible outcomes for themselves and for New Zealand. (international students:studying and staying on in new zealand, n.d.)

As the increase the number of international students, some of the major change in the program that impacted on the standard and quality services of the accommodation for students. The accommodation provider has to concern about the all condition of housing. They often experience difficulties in gaining suitable accommodation. In recent news of Slum warning over Auckland the right example that even some apartments have no tidy and enough places to live. It is so congestive area to live. (Pryor, 2014) Accommodation is the main difficulty for overseas students. On arrival, some students are booked into a motel or a home stay. After that, students initially look for accommodation shortage or high cost of accommodation; they are forced to move further into suburb.

Due to high coast in accommodation there are many cases where students share accommodation with too many people. We will highlight their sharing housing’s daily life with them. Challenges with public transport remain mainly around its cost and accessibility. These views will be share by students and services provider alike. International students find the cost of public transport too high and can be disappointed that they might be not eligible for travel concessions. (needs assessments of international students, n.d.) The research of this topic will throw some light on the travelling mode of transport. Our main target will be the NZIE students and the AUT University’s students. It will be easy to conduct interviews with international and local students at NZIE and AUT.

Legal/ethical issues
The term ethics refer to the moral values or principles that form the basis of a code of conduct. In this section we focus on research ethics, which is concerned with the manner in which research is conducted and how the results or findings are reported. (hussey, 2014) This section concerns the worth of observational studies and responsibilities for the ethics of the studies. An investigator’s commitment to the advancement of knowledge implies a duty to conduct honest and thoughtful inquiry and rigorous analysis, and to be accountable for her or his activities. In this research we will undermine all the ethics related to our research because some quarries can reveal the privacy of the student. We will find our answers with observation and by understanding the research. (ethical guidelines for observational studies, n.d.)

Research methodology
To complete this research we will collect the information of primary and secondary data. Primary data will show our own experience by thesis or research project and secondary will collect by internet, magazines or from someone else. Searches would be conducted using a number of database and research web pages and combination of key words. The topic of research is related to our own study and situation .so, this will help us to make questionnaires to come up with suggestions.

Team work will enhance our majority towards our better work procedure. Conducting research in business and management requires certain knowledge, skills and personal qualities attributes are needed at different stages in the research. (hussey, 2014) To the analysis of research we will find the students to ask the questions at NZIE and everyone who will be available at NZIE because the survey of this topic will give the answers of our queries. Primary and secondary data will help us to success our business proposal of research. We will collect our primary data with conducting interviews with students and primary with the help of web sites, previous year’s data. We will come to know about the past years international students conditions about housing. Questionnaire

Questionnaire is suitable method for the given objectives and getting relevant feedback for the questions. To achieve the above objectives we will make a list of questions and these will be asked International students in Auckland. Personal Interview

To achieve the given objectives we will conduct face to face interviews with the international students.

Primary research
Accommodation is the first required of pupils when they come from other country now a days we can see most of the students face lots of obstacles for finding the accommodation especially international students. However, in Auckland some area is so expensive; therefore, it is not pocket friendly for some students. On the contrary, in some area is fantastic flat and home stay where the pupils share the room with senior and they get the help to each other such as, they share their grocery, experience, study and job search etc then they get new idea, new learning, knowledge and new techniques with the help of each other that is wonderful for them. Due to which, we will collect our primary research with the views of students by conducting interviews that is why we can get know about students as what they think regarding that. Secondary research

The some areas are the slums in Auckland central city where are the poorest people living in overcrowded apartments; apart from, south Auckland is the ruler area. Ms Robertson said people who live in CBD they were shared the rooms apart from, there is some apartment blocks were dramatically populated lack of sense of community even that there was not any green park due to which people face to lots of problem for walking in the morning. However, inner-city apartments are vital and wonderful. Accordingly to Mr Turner in developed country built modern apartments during the time. (Pryor, 2014)

Qualitative and quantitative methods data

Qualitative Data

We would talk to students and get the idea regarding their accommodation, renting, cost and environment; apart from, which kind of facilities is providing in their flat such as, gadgets, grocery, water and electricity as well as when the pupils share the room with an others students; thus, it is beneficial for them or they face the obstacles and also which kind of things they learn with roommate.

Quantitative Data
In Auckland (NZ) every year approximately 40% international students come from different kind of country (India, China and Pakistan etc.) for studying here because they want to learn new techniques, new learning, new Idea, practical education and international experience and exposal. Whereas, the number of international pupils are becoming increased dramatically from decade ago; furthermore, after completed the course they find excellent job because they have international internship experience and respected qualification. Statistical and non-statistical data

Statistical data:- When we would research on our topic then we will collect the information about how many age group of student and how much spend the capacity, number of students as well as, how long are they here etc. Non statistical Data

However, meanwhile our research we will find the quality of students living, what course they are doing in their study and how much dose the scope of this course and also their experience etc.

Utilising relevant technologies appropriate
Student can find the accommodation with help of Internet and mobile they search the flat or accommodation on the web site; however, there is given few links as, www.trademe.co.nz then the pupils can search accommodation on this link and also they can download the application in their mobile then find the flat of their convenient.

Technology engagement
Student’s engagement with technology is great. Studying in multi-cultural environment they are getting breath taking returns. Students have different culture and linguistic backgrounds, so we will find their different technology visits. Online research will give us the enormous knowledge about out research topic. We will discuss the technology based general questions with students to analysis our business research topic. It will include participant satisfaction with organisational and technological engagement. (Hannon, 2007)

ethical guidelines for observational studies. (n.d.). Retrieved 09 03, 2014, from http://neac.health.govt.nz/: http://neac.health.govt.nz/system/files/documents/publications/ethical-guidelines-for-observational-studies-2012.pdf Hannon, J. (2007). cultural diversity online. Retrieved 09 02, 2014, from /www.emeraldinsight.com: http://www.emeraldinsight.com/doi/abs/10.1108/09513540710760192 (2014). dealing with practical issues. In j. c. hussey, business research (p. 30). palagrave macmillan higher education. international students:studying and staying on in new zealand. (n.d.). Retrieved 09 02, 2014, from http://www.dol.govt.nz/: http://www.dol.govt.nz/publication-view.asp?ID=235 international studies goals and objectives. (2012). Retrieved 9 1, 2014, from http://www.spelman.edu/: http://www.spelman.edu/academics/majors-and-programs/international-studies/goals-and-objectives needs assessments of international students. (n.d.). Retrieved 09 05, 2014, from http://www.cityofsydney.nsw.gov.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0004/71428/Needs-Assessment-International-Students.pdf Pryor, N. (2014, SEPTEMBER 3). slum warning over Auckland CBD. Retrieved from http://www.radionz.co.nz/: http://www.radionz.co.nz/news/regional/253620/slum-warning-over-auckland-cbd Pryor, N. (2014, September 3). Slum warning over Auckland CBD. Retrieved from [email protected]: http://www.radionz.co.nz/news/regional/253620/slum-warning-over-auckland-cbd

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