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Student Mobile Portal

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1.0 Introduction

Student Mobile Portal is a type of application where in students can access the existing Student Portal using their android phones. This will be easier for the user to know their class schedule, examination schedule, grades, violations, attendance logs, and more information about the school event. By simply using this application they can now connect automatically to the server without using any web browser or typing the address for the portal. 2.1 Background of the study

Now a days, android phones are already common than computers. Android is a type of operating system developed by Google for mobile phones. Almost everyone in the world is already using android phones. Android is an open source and support third party programs. By using the SDK (Software Developer Kit) we can create programs and application for android. Compared to java phones, android is better when it comes to applications and interfacing. Although we can also create this system to java phones still we choose android for our system. 2.2 Statement of Objectives

Creating an Android application is the easiest way to show how the technology is evolving. It is reliable and user friendly for the people with all ages. It is a technical and critical work for the creators of an application for they need to learn about how Android works in order to make a good android application. In creating an android application, they will base it to the compatibility of a device and the needed resources of the user. Android is open source and anyone can learn and know the strengths and capabilities of Android.

2.3.1 General Objective

The general objective of this system is to make records and information more accessible to students, making them able to access their student profile even without going into school. Students will be kept updated about their examination’s schedule, school events and activities, violations and their grades.

2.3.2 Specific Objective

The specific objective of this system is to improve the existing student portal with respond to the technological opportunity of implementing it to Android phones. 2.3 Significance of the Study

The significance of the study is to train the students on how to innovate with the use of an android application. To discover the capabilities of android and to learn on how to develop applications with the use of Eclipse and programming languages like Java and PHP. 2.4 Scope and Limitation of the Study

2.0 Methodology of the Study

The STI College Southwoods Mobile Portal is an android application that is made to help students access their portal using their android devices. It is better to use on android devices rather than the existing student portal that we could access through the use of web browser because its user interface is designed to be used on small screens like smart phones and tablets rather than on desktop monitors and laptops. Disadvantage of the system is that not every student owns an android device and it will not be able to work on IOS and Blackberry devices.

The participants for the study include our school’s Research and Development head, the group members of this project and the target users. The RnD head helps us in learning Android and how to develop it. Every member of the group has its own task on the development of this study. One of the members is on the designing and layout, the other one is on programming using PHP and HTML, the third one is on Android Java programming and the last one is recording the finished tasks. All the members are doing the documentation as team work is really needed for the success of this study.

3.0 Data Gathering Procedures and Output

Information gathering is important to discover important information details used on defining the information structure. It helps system analysts to establish the priorities of the information needs that further leads to identifying solutions to certain problems of the existing system. The data gathering method used is through interview of the school’s Research and Development head. It is the method used because the question and answers are directly sent between the interviewer and the interviewee.

This is very effective for we easily learned how the existing system works and what development we can do in order to improve it. The desired output of the system is that the existing student portal that accessed through the browser should be made effectively as an android application. The system should be also compatible with all kinds of android devices and android versions. That will be much user friendly and easier to use rather than using the browser of android devices. Users must be able to access their portal anywhere as long as there is an internet connection.

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