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Stand by Me – Chris

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Chris is one of the main characters in Stand By Me. He goes through many first time experiences, and reveals very different sides to his personality. Throughout the movie his personality, views and whole character in general becomes more mature and he made wiser decisions. His negative family background affected many things he said or did, however he eventually realised this and made better choices for himself. Throughout the movie, Chriss character became more grown-up and some could say he was turning from a teenager into a man.

Through the beginning of Stand By Me, Chris appeared to be tough. However, as the movie progressed he revealed a more sensitive side to himself. The way in which he influenced his identity was by doing adult-like things such as smoking. When his friend was going through and emotional breakdown, Chris suddenly revealed a much more sensitive side to him that he had hid for such a long time. He may have occasionally picked on his friends, but later on in the movie he proved to his crew that he cared for them and will always be loyal to them. Chris said to one of his close friends Its asshole if your friends drag you down. You hang with us, youll be just another wise guy with shit for brains. Chris had a high self esteem which he used quite a lot, especially to stick up for others.

Chris friends are the only people that are really there for him. As he doesnt have a caring family to depend on, he turns to friends for support. Chris may not be the toughest or most popular teenager in town, but his small group of friends try to give him the support his family doesnt provide. In return for all they have done for Chris, he proves to always be there for them with wise advice. An example of this is when Gordy says he doesnt want to leave his friends and become a writer. Chris then advices hi to follow his dream and use his talent wisely, and if he hung around with them for the rest of his life his gift from God would go to waste.

Although his family didnt raise him well, Chris grew up with good morals and a soft heart. He does what is best, even if it is not in his favour. Like everybody else, Chris makes his mistakes, however he knows when hes making a bad decision and learns from his judgements. An example of this when Chris stole a childs milk money, but he gave it back because he knew it wasnt the right thing to do. In society, Chris doesnt receive much respect from people both younger and older than he is. This was most likely because of his family background, as they were well known for being thieves. Chris learnt to tolerate the lack of respect given to him, and he only respects the very few close friends that respect him.

Throughout the movie Stand By Me, Chris not only became older, he became wiser and more mature. He revealed a side to him that not many people had seen before; a side that wasnt expected from him. His wise decisions benefited both him and his close group of friends. As the movie progressed Chris became a much better person which benefited not only himself, but in this case society as well.

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